the hit Showtime show Shameless is back for its tenth season, and things are about to change. The end of the last season saw the exit of Fiona Gallagher, who decided to leave the Southside of Chicago — and her family — behind. With them, she left $50,000, so they could take care of themselves in her absence for a while.

This season is bound to get sticky, with the loss of the family’s matriarch, Ian in prison, and the addition of Lip’s new baby. Here are all of the spoilers we have for Season 10.

Debbie becomes the head of the house.
Since Fiona left Debbie in charge of the money, Debbie instantly tries to become the new matriarch of the family. This creates some obvious tension within the family, as no one wants to answer to her, but no one really wants the responsibility of being in charge of everything either.

Debbie decides to doll out the money that was left behind to her siblings on individual debit cards, giving them each $100 a week to work with.

Everyone rolls their eyes a little over Debbie’s power move, but Debbie clearly does it to maintain the money for as long as she can while she looks for other ways to make money.

As Debbie’s working on becoming the head of the house, everyone else scrambles to take whatever authority they can from her.

Frank gets… a job?
The most unreliable character in the series: Frank. Thrown off by his youngest daughter’s new authority (and power over the money), Frank sets out to find his own way to contribute to the pool. This obviously isn’t going to last, and is only an attempt to assert his power over Debbie.

But his search for a job leads to the discovery of a new friend, who he’s bound to get into some trouble with.

Lip and Tami fight over parenthood.
Their relationship is set to be a rocky one as they struggle to adjust to parenthood. While Lip slides into the responsibility as easily as he can, Tami struggles to adjust to the power dynamic — there are even rumors that she leaves at one point. But she comes back for her baby. Expect her and Lip to fight it out throughout the season.

Ian gets out of jail.
While Ian has landed himself in jail (with his cellmate being his boyfriend Mickey), it won’t be long before he gets out of jail. But that’s not going to come without some problems of his own.

Expect Ian to be out before mid-season, but when he does, he’ll be placed with the “parole officer from hell,” according to producer John Wells.

“She is the parole officer from hell, the one that you would never want to have,” he told TV Line. Expect this to cause a lot of problems for Ian.

Will we see anymore of Fiona.
Of course, you won’t see her physically on the show, but there will be moments where she touches base with the family, John revealed.

“We keep up with people in our lives who move far away, but it’s always that thing of where there’s a lot of it at first and then increasingly, it’s like, ‘Geez, we haven’t talked in a long time. How are you?'” John said. “So it’s very much that dynamic. She doesn’t just get blown off the face of the earth. We hear about her and hear from her”

Overall, it looks like the Gallaghers have a rocky season ahead of them. There are a lot of power dynamics that’ll play out, and you’ll have to watch and see who comes out on top.

Watch Shameless Sundays at 9 p.m. EST on Showtime.


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