We’re so much closer to getting answers about Nairobi (Alba Flores) surviving or not. With less than a month to go before Money Heist part four, Netflix finally gave into our complaints and dropped a trailer on Thursday. While the focus was on Nairobi surviving her sniper wound or not, we also got a peak on what else we can expect from The Professor (Alvaro Morte) in his goal to save his gang.

From a nice flashback to Berlin (Pedro Alonso) being his psychotic self, to the streets filled with Salvador Dali masks, it’s clear there’s more to the heist on the Bank of Spain than what we know. Parts three and four of Money Heist were filmed back to back as well, so it wouldn’t be surprising if they continue with the flashbacks part three started.

So, with new information revealed about part four, how do our theories line up? Are there new theories forming thanks to the new footage? Let’s dive into what the internet is thinking about Money Heist part four.

Alicia (Najwa Nimri) is not Tatiana (Diana Gomez)
Look, we know how much you love this theory. We used to. Then we really took a close look at the evidence, and realized how thinly stretched this theory is. While Tatiana being pregnant with Berlin’s child makes sense timewise, that’s the only thing that makes sense.

After recruiting Raquel (Itziar Ituno) onto the team as Lisbon, The Professor would want nothing to do with the police. Plus, he was too worried about replacing Oslo, Berlin, and Moscow, so why would he waste his time putting a physical mole in the police force? We get the desire to bring Tatiana back in a larger role, but this isn’t the way to do it.

Nairobi will live, god damnit
We’re not going any further into this. Nairobi takes a breath in the trailer, and it’s a breath of life. We won’t take any other answer or comment at this time.

The revolution will return Raquel to The Professor
There’s one scene in the trailer where three people are surrounded by a large crowd of people in red jumpsuits. We know from the first part that this heist did get some people in the public supporting our dear team. But eagle-eyed viewers on Reddit have pointed out that at least two of people are Raquel and her mother.

The third person is still being determined, but the hot theory is that Raquel gets assistance from the general public to get her freedom. Thankfully, she finds peace reuniting with her family, hence why she’s led to her mother. But, the public wants to see this job be completed just as much as the gang does. So it can be assumed they’ll help Raquel get back to her hideout and help The Professor finish the job.

Berlin has a trick up his sleeve from beyond the grave
Like Netflix would get rid of Berlin’s genius plans. The man is responsible for this second heist, as he was planning a heist on the Bank of Spain before he passed. So, it’s natural that The Professor hasn’t told the crew the whole plan of their former second-in-command.

Berlin has always been a man with a back-up plan, so we can’t imagine he didn’t have one for this heist. Since it looks like the gang is in hot water for part four, it’s going to be needed. Come on Berlin, save our favorites from their untimely end.

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