We figured that after only three seasons, when Fox canceled Lucifer, we would never see Tom Ellis cheeky devil again. Luckily, Netflix came to the rescue and gave viewers the fourth season they wanted so badly after this three-season cliffhanger. But what can we expect from season five of Lucifer?

Luckily, Netflix has announced that Lucifer will be on the 5th and final season (though we do not know when we could still get it), so all the unanswered questions we have after the 4th season finale.

#1. Lucifer’s Return From Hell
Season four ended when Lucifer made the last sacrifice and gave up his life on Earth to love and let him return to Hell to rule the demons. What a man! What a man! Does that mean we saw the last smooth-talking angel fallen?

It is unlikely because the show is called Lucifer, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he will come back to Earth.

After all, he didn’t take the decision to go back to Hell lightly and the tagline for season 5–”See you in Hell.” Can we see Lucifer’s German Chloe and the gang heading to Hell? This would shake things up for the final season of the show, which has been often set in LA with vague references to Heaven and Hell celestial plains.

#2. Where Did Eve Go?
One of the best things about the fourth season is that it introduced in the role of one and only Eve, an all-new character played by Inbar Lavi. During the fourth season, she had a hell of a journey (excuse the pun), which finished by accepting that she did not love her and that Lucifer had to go and find herself.

#3. Charlies Angelic Powers
One thing we can rest assured in season five is that when it comes to Charlie, there will be plenty of angelic parental shenanigans. Though the child of Linda and Amenadiel will still be very young (without a time jump or rapid growth in Twilight style), a half-angel is just too good for showcase-cutters to explore.

So, what can we expect from this? Does Charlie have his angelic powers that prove hard to control? We are aware that Amenadiel lost his powers after returning to Earth, but there is no excuse why his son would not inherit those heavenly skills.

Oh, what about the wings of Charlie? Only his dad and his uncle have wings, and although they have not yet appeared, there is no excuse for Charlie not to have his own.

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