Things to know before the release of ‘Lucifer Season 5’

Tom Ellis, starer, Lucifer, is an American, comedy-drama television series, developed by Tom Kapinos. Well, the story revolves around the man named, Lucifer, a great devil, who decides to move to Los Angeles and opens a club for making money. Life changes when he gets involve working with local police in solving difficult complex crime … Read more

Showrunners explain how extra episodes will impact the story of Lucifer Season 5

Fans rejoiced when the original Fox season was saved by cancellation hell by Netflix for two more seasons. Now a sixth and final season of Lucifer is also on the way, the series’ head writers have revealed some insider knowledge for how the longer seasons will affect the show’s story. After just three seasons of … Read more

DB Woodside is going to direct an episode in the sixth season of Lucifer

Season 6 of Lucifer will see the return of fan favourite DB Woodside, who is better known as  Lucifer’s angelic older brother Amenadiel. The actor will appear alongside other returning cast members, including Tom Ellis as the Netflix show’s hellish protagonist and Lord of Hell, Lucifer Morningstar. Woodside also announced he would be directing an … Read more

Netflix doesn’t want Lucifer to be canceled

The upcoming fifth season of Lucifer may not be as final as it seemed. Netflix is in talks with series producer Warner Bros. TV about another installment of the comic book drama. I hear executive producers Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson, who have been steering the show, would need to make a new deal but … Read more

An awesome Character is going to make a comeback in Lucifer Season 5

Several players have come and gone from Lucifer since we first started watching the devil run his nightclub while solving police cases (and falling in love) with Chloe. We already knew that one surprise was coming in the form of a return from Charlotte Richards (maybe, sorta), and now we know that another character who’s … Read more

Rob Benedict hinted about a crossever between Supernatural and Lucifer! (Picture)

Rob Benedict has shared a new Instagram picture with Tom Ellis and Richard Speight, Jr, hinting a crossover between Supernatural and Lucifer. The description of the picture is – “Stopped by the set of @lucifernetflix to visit my two sons. #god #lucifer #andrich #crossover @dicksp8jr @officialtomellis” Tom Ellis also left a comment on the photo, … Read more

Look at the things that the new season of Lucifer has to answer!

We figured that after only three seasons, when Fox canceled Lucifer, we would never see Tom Ellis cheeky devil again. Luckily, Netflix came to the rescue and gave viewers the fourth season they wanted so badly after this three-season cliffhanger. But what can we expect from season five of Lucifer? Luckily, Netflix has announced that … Read more