The Big Bang Theory fans have died from embarrassment for Raj at least once. Especially when it comes to his quotes about love.

Since it’s already february, the month of love and wine, is going to remind you about the best ones.

Here are Raj’s TOP 10 funniest quotes about love:

“If I Were Hitting On You, You’d Know It ‘Cause You’d Feel Uncomfortable And A Little Sad For Me.”

“Cinnamon, She Gave Me Her Phone Number! If I’d Known It Was That Easy, I’d Have Considered Poisoning You Months Ago.”

“I Don’t Have Valentine’s Day Plans, Which Is Why I Booked Time On The Big Telescope That Night.”

“I Have To Feel Sorry For Myself. I’m The Only One Who Cares Just Like I’m The Only One Who’ll Have Sex With Me.”

“I’m Just Saying That After Everything You’ve Been Through, You Get To Look Into Each Other’s Eyes And Say ‘I Love You’. And That’s Beautiful.”

“When I Had Money, I Dated Lots Of Girls Who Weren’t Right For Me. And Then I Gave Up My Money, And Now I’m Alone, And Living With My Friends, And Somebody Else Should Probably Talk Now.”

“Cute Is For Bunnies. I Want To Be Something With Sex Appeal. Like A Labradoodle.”

“It Means That I Like Women, As Well As Their Skincare Products.”

“You Can’t Ruin A Friendship With Sex. That’s Like Ruining Ice Cream With Chocolate Sprinkles.”

“To Paraphrase Shakespeare, ‘It’s Better To Have Loved And Lost Then To Stay Home Every Night And Download Increasingly Shameful Pornography’.”

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