Lucifer: 8 Weirdest Quotes From The Show

Fox’s Lucifer is a hilarious and often outrageous fantasy TV show, with many weird quotes to its name.

Fox’s Lucifer is a show that prides itself on its funny and often-outrageous dialogue. Its episode titles are nearly always lines of dialogue contained within the episode, and usually the ones that sound the strangest out-of-context. Even away from the episode titles, Lucifer can generate some very strange quotes.

“Can’t Touch This”

Lucifer is not a show that is afraid to get musical. Various episodes have musical performances, even Bloody Celestial Karaoke Jam is a full musical episode. However, these are typically justified by stage performances, Lucifer’s imagination, or the breakdown of God’s powers making everyone sing.

Music catches people off-guard in-universe when Lucifer is facing down Michael for the title of God in A Chance At A Happy Ending. Heavily outnumbered and with his reinforcements delayed, Lucifer needs to stall for time, and does so with a rendition of MC Hammer’s U Can’t Touch This, of all songs.

“As Much As I Love The Mental Image Of You Punching A Bunch Of Nuns”

Detective Amenadiel follows a murder investigation in a convent, and seeks to draw as much inherent comedy from the presence of Nuns as it can possibly manage. From showing their human flaws to characters responding awkwardly to the mention of God and Satan, Detective Amenadiel tries various comedic tricks.

A particularly blunt one is when Chloe Decker asks the angel Amenadiel about his skills, hoping his angelic nature will help her talk to the Nuns. Apparently lacking skills like Lucifer’s ‘mojo’, Amenadiel mentions his status as heaven’s greatest warrior. Frustrated by the holy women, Chloe indulges in the fantasy of punching a bunch of nuns.

“Because You F****** Shot Me, Daniel”

Things that would be momentous occasions in most shows include one character shooting another, and the first f-bomb dropped upon the loosening of censors. Lucifer takes a different approach, making incredibly light of both.

Daniel Espinoza: Naked and Afraid follows a lengthy and convoluted prank by Lucifer to mess with Dan. When asked why, he says it is revenge for Dan shooting him upon finding out that he is the Devil – in the most petulant-yet-nonchalant tone possible. He sounds more like a child losing his toys than somebody attacked with a firearm.

“I’m So Good At Flipping Men They Call Me ‘The Skillet'”

The bisexuality of Lucifer Morningstar is a relatively lightly touched-upon topic of Lucifer. His main romance is heterosexual, as are most of the many torrid affairs he has over the course of Lucifer. Nonetheless, there are more than incidental references to his attraction to men.

In Chloe Does Lucifer, the devil himself prepares to flirt with a suspect. When Dan points out that the suspect in question is a man, and heterosexual, Lucifer brushes off his concerns in the most flippant manner possible.

“It’s A Comfort To Know I’ll Expire Erect”

Lucifer has some high-concept episodes, and isn’t afraid to set up an entire storyline’s premise just to generate a punchline at the end. In Expire Erect, Lux is taken over by a criminal and held hostage with a bomb. The team are left in the unfortunate position of Lucifer having been shot, and Ella – the only one of them who knows bomb defusal – being both drunk and on drugs.

To try to calm Ella down, Eve kisses her, leading a mortally-wounded Lucifer to deliver the quote. Although it seems like just a regular bit of Lucifer filth, the weirdness hits when the viewer realizes the quote and episode title are, in an episode where a party is taken over, one big allusion to Die Hard.

“No Drugs For Breakfast”

Lucifer’s fourth, fifth, and six seasons all feature the biblical Eve as a major character, but with a somewhat different personality than the audience might expect. Having grown tried with Heaven and an arranged marriage to Adam, she comes to Earth in search of Lucifer, and acts like a hedonistic party girl.

With society having evolved a little bit since the dawn of humanity, Eve struggles somewhat in Orgy Pants To Work with the rules society now runs on, usually when they interfere with her fun. Top of her complaints are the need to wear clothes.

“Crime-Solving Devil. It Makes Sense. Don’t Overthink It”

For all its humor, Lucifer tends not to be a too meta-referential show. Lucifer’s jokes are usually placed well within the fiction, rather than being spectacularly self-aware. An area where Lucifer isn’t afraid to make fun of itself, however, is its admittedly-outlandish premise.

One of the most notable pot-shots at Lucifer’s concept comes in Candy Morningstar, when Lucifer borrows a bass guitar from evidence, and writes himself a song. Set to Lucifer’s theme tune, it comes across as a very unexpected piece of meta-humor, as well as a gentle potshot at the show’s critics.

“I’ve Worn My Orgy Pants To Work, Haven’t I?”

Another quote that lent itself to its episode’s title, Orgy Pants to Work focuses on the struggle between Lucifer’s personal life with Eve, and his police consultant job with Chloe.

To demonstrate the divide, Lucifer takes a characteristically blunt approach. Lucifer arrives late to a crime scene, promising his full professionalism, only for it to be pointed out that he’s wearing backless pants, having just come from a party with Eve. Lucifer’s only response is “I’ve worn my orgy pants to work, haven’t I?”


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Ivaylo Angelov born in Bulgaria, Varna graduated School Geo Milev is Tvserieswelove's Soaps Editor and oversees all of the section's news, features, spoilers and interviews.