Lucifer is a hugely popular show that has won a lot of praise, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some things that annoy even the biggest fans.

The dramatic DC series Lucifer has proven to be an incredibly successful comeback story. Canceled by Fox after Season 3, Netflix saw the potential and gave it a reprieve. With five seasons now completed, the final sixth season is on the way and will wrap the story up.

But even the most dedicated Lucifans don’t love everything about their favorite series. There are details, stories, characters, and more that just have not worked for them. Fortunately, most of this is relatively easy to live with given how good the series actually is and will continue to be in the final season.

The Intermittent Appearances Of Trixie

In the first episode of the series, Beatrice “Trixie” Espinoza was introduced. The daughter of Detective Chloe Decker and Detective Dan Espinoza, she quickly formed a bond with both Lucifer and his favorite demon Mazikeen.

As the series has gone on, Trixie has appeared less and less. This has become particularly evident since the series moved to Netflix. The second half of Season 5 saw Trixie have a bit bigger presence but it has still been strange to watch the character fade away.

Lucifer Becoming The New God

Season 5 saw the introduction of Lucifer’s twin brother, the nefarious angel named Michael. It turned out that Michael had been working behind the scenes to make God think he was losing control of his powers and needed to retire.

While this wasn’t Michael’s goal, the result was Lucifer taking over as God. It was definitely an interesting angle for the story to take. That being said, if Lucifer hadn’t jumped the shark by then, that moment definitely stuck the landing.

The Crime Solving Devil Schtick

At the core of the story for the first three seasons was Lucifer helping the LAPD solve crimes. He initially did it just to try and get close to Chole but Lucifer eventually started to enjoy the work. Helping solve crimes was a big part of him growing beyond being the Devil.

But the other side of this was the gimmick getting old. The show has gotten even better since the police procedural aspects of the show have been pushed into the background. Before that, the show being too focused on it just wasn’t clicking anymore.

Michael Is More Annoying Than Menacing

Over the years, Lucifer has had to face more than a few Celestial threats. That included Cain, the denizens of Hell, and even his own overwhelmingly powerful mother. Season 5 brought in the aforementioned Michael, Lucifer’s bitter angelic brother.

The problem was that Michael wasn’t a particularly compelling villain for Lucifer. He came across as more of a nuisance than a real threat. There was never any doubt that Lucifer was going to defeat him. Michael never had what it took to beat his twin brother at any part of the game.

Finally Killing Cain

As the world’s first murderer, the story of Cain killing his brother is a key lesson in the Bible. Cain’s punishment was to walk the Earth forever, unable to die and move on to the next phase. Even worse, he would watch everyone he cared about die over and over again.

When he crossed paths with Lucifer in Season 3, Cain was certainly ready to go. And Lucifer was the one to finally put him down. But this was a loss for the series as Cain was a compelling character and would have made a great addition to the regular roster.

Lucifer’s Incessant Issues With His Father

There are a lot of running themes at play in Lucifer. But the biggest driving force in it is Lucifer’s issues with his father, better known to most people as God. These issues caused the rebellion that ended with Lucifer in Hell. Those same issues also pushed him to ultimately abandon Hell.

But as the series went on, Lucifer’s constant whining about God got a little annoying. His default setting was that everything was God’s fault, even when he had nothing to do with a situation. This actually caused a lot of problems, particularly in his police work.

The Constant Abuse Of Dan

In the first season, Dan Espinoza was depicted as a tough but intelligent detective. And while he made a few bad decisions along the way, he was still able to at least gain some respect from the cops around him. This was impressive given the crimes he admitted to at the end of Season 1.

From Season 2 on, Dan became a much different character. He was still relatively good at his job but he also became the butt of a lot of jokes. Lucifer and Mazikeen in particular could not stop busting his chops. The whole thing got a little tiresome after a couple of seasons.

Ella Not Knowing The Truth About Celestials

Lucifer never lies. He’s very upfront with everything, including the fact that he’s the Devil. That being said, it’s no surprise that very few people believe him. Well, until he provides hard evidence like his upsetting Devil face.

At this point, most people the Celestials are friends with know the truth. Everyone except Ella Lopez. This deep into the series, it seems like she should have figured it out by now. Or, at the very least, that one of her friends would have told her. Outside of Lucifer, of course, who has told her numerous times.

The Endless “Will They, Won’t They” With Lucifer And Chloe

The main reason Lucifer decided to start working with the LAPD was that he really wanted to sleep with Chloe. He was also intrigued by the fact that she was immune to his devilish charms and wanted to know why.

Over the seasons, Lucifer and Chloe danced around their relationship for too long before getting together. And a seemingly endless array of obstacles got in their way, mostly created by themselves means that it honestly got exhausting at times.


By Ivaylo Angelov

Ivaylo Angelov born in Bulgaria, Varna graduated School Geo Milev is Tvserieswelove's Soaps Editor and oversees all of the section's news, features, spoilers and interviews.