Lucifer’s eagerly anticipated fifth season will soon be upon us and to whet fans’ appetites, the supernatural series has released an intriguing new poster.

In the run-up to its return to Netflix next month, the show took to Twitter on Tuesday, July 21 to share the promo image. In it, Lauren German’s worried-looking Chloe can be seen standing in front of Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis), turning her head away as the former ruler of Hell gazes down at her intensely.

“Give in to temptation,” the tagline reads, while the drama itself captioned the post: “You ready for your date with the devil?” Complete with the horned smiley face emoji, of course.

“Deckerstar nation rise,” one enthusiastic tweeter replied, as another pointed out: “Us hardcore fans know that it’s from a photo shoot from Season 4. Still hot tho. Thanks for the content, bby.”

“Find someone who looks at you the way Lucifer looks at Chloe,” a third gushed.

Well, that’s if the person in the poster is actually Lucifer, and not his twin brother Archangel Michael – (also played by Ellis) – who rocked up in the trailer for season 5 and will reportedly try to steal his sibling’s life going forward.

While they look exactly alike and possess the same abilities though, loyal viewers are convinced that Chloe, given her profession as an LAPD homicide detective, won’t be so easily fooled by the imposter.

Will their optimistic outlook prove justified? We’ll just have to wait and see.