Lucifer producer has applauded DB Woodside’s brand new role in season 6.

The Netflix series will return for a 6th and final run, with Woodside confirming his return as the character Amenadiel last July as he also announced that he would be directing an episode in the final season too.

On Saturday (January 2), showrunner Joe Henderson quote-tweeted a post from the official Lucifer Writers’ Room Twitter page that shared more information on Woodside’s directorial debut.

The episode will be the eighth in the final season and is titled ‘Save the Devil, Save the World’.

“So damn excited for the directorial debut of DB Woodside on Lucifer!!!” Henderson wrote.

Also reacting to the update, Woodside himself tweeted: “This is gonna be fun.”

With just 10 episodes in Lucifer season 6, Woodside will miss out on directing the penultimate episode and the show’s finale. The sixth season of the Netflix show is currently in production, while Lucifer’s delayed season 5B is yet to air or land a premiere date.

Last month, the official Lucifer Writers’ Room Twitter account teased ‘The Murder of Lucifer Morningstar’ in an upcoming episode.

Lucifer star Rachael Harris also recently shared season 6 set pictures as she thanked the show’s cast and crew for their work on the series amidst the coronavirus pandemic.