The Netflix show, Lucifer season 5, part 2 is going to air soon in Netflix and views are eager to know what is going to happen next in the devilish drama. Will Maze forgive Lucifer?

At the end of Lucifer season five, part one, God (played by Dennis Haysbert) made his long-awaited debut on Earth. Moments before his arrival, Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and Amenadiel (DB Woodside) found themselves in a brutal fight with Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) and Michael (Tom Ellis). Fans were shocked to see Maze ally with Michael but will she ever forgive Lucifer?

Will Maze forgive Lucifer?

Lucifer and Maze have a complicated friendship which dates back millions, if not billions of years.

Maze, a demon turned bounty-hunter on Earth was once Lucifer’s most loyal demon and earned the position of his ‘right-hand’ woman in hell and on Earth.

However, that all changed in season five, part one of Lucifer when Maze discovered Lucifer had been concealing the truth about her mother, Lilith (L Scott Caldwell).

Before the truth was unveiled, their friendship was already on the rocks after Lucifer returned to hell at the end of season four without her.

Therefore, when Lucifer dropped the bombshell about her mother’s whereabouts, it was the ultimate betrayal.

Maze is the daughter of Lilith, who was the first wife of Adam and after their separation, God created Eve (Inbar Lavi) for Adam.

Lilith went on to birth a species of Demon called the Lilim including Maze, Dromos (Graham McTavish) and Squee, sending her children to hell to act as an army for Lucifer.

In Lucifer season five, Maze learnt her mother gave up her immortality to Lucifer and he had hidden the truth about Lilith’s human life from Maze for thousands of years.

Just like Lucifer’s complex relationship with his father, Maze had been struggling with feeling abandoned by her mother almost her entire adult life.

As a result, when Maze found out the truth, she decided to side with Lucifer’s evil brother Michael on Earth who promised to find her a soul.

With God’s intervention at the end of season five, part one, fans are hoping Maze and Lucifer can reconcile their friendship.

However, many Lucifer fans believe their friendship may take a while to mend.

One Lucifer fan on Reddit defended Maze’s decision to betray Lucifer.

Rainbow_drab wrote: “So, I get that we’re all a little frustrated/tired of Maze constantly betraying Lucifer across five seasons. But hear me out: she has every reason to be mad at him. He has treated her terribly.”

They continued: “With all of his abandonment issues, I don’t think he’s ready to realize that he’s contributed to hers. It’s the same fight they were having in Season 2. ‘You’re exactly like your parents.’ That’s a really tough one to accept, but Lucifer’s treatment of Maze has been his own way of acting out inappropriately due to his own abandonment issues, and if anyone deserves to be the target of her ire, it is him.”

Another user commented on her decision to side with Michael: “I think everyone agrees that it makes sense why she does what she does.

“It’s just that she has been doing this again and again which makes it seem like they are constantly moving in circles without real progress.”

A third Lucifer fan shared their hopes Maze will eventually forgive Lucifer.

They posted: “Maze has been continuously ignored and pushed aside by Lucifer, all her feelings and emotions just not cared about but at the same time he’s going through things he’s never experienced and she doesn’t seem to fully care at all, they’re both selfish but also there for each other when needed.

“also, the entirety of this seasons problem all fall on Michael and his jealousy and the games he’s playing with peoples fears and emotions. I also wouldn’t put it past him to be the reason that Lillith is dead in the first place just so he could get Maze on his side.

“I believe once they both get an actual chance to talk it out they’ll be OK. they have a very rough and complicated relationship but I know they have each other’s back at the end of it all.”

Fans will have to wait until Lucifer season five, part two arrives on Netflix to find out if Maze will forgive Lucifer.

After all, episode nine will see God, Maze, Michael, Lucifer and Amenadiel sit down for a “family dinner”, so hopefully many issues will be discussed and resolved.


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