‘Lucifer’ actors Tom Ellis, Lesley-Ann Brandt and More Celebrated As Filming Wraps: “Now We Say Goodbye”

Netflix has extinguished the flames of hell as Lucifer wrapped up its final day of production on Monday. The supernatural series, which will return for the second half of its fifth season in May, will come to an end with its sixth and final season. Among those in the Lucifer team celebrating the series wrap … Read more

Lucifer Season 5 Part 2 Date Has Been Finally Announced And Everything We Know So Far

Lucifer season 5 part 2 is just around the corner with Netflix finally setting a release date for late May 2021. Here’s an updated guide to everything we know so far about the penultimate season of Lucifer in the form of season 5b. As you’re all probably aware, Lucifer has become one of Netflix’s biggest … Read more

Lucifer Star Has Dropped A Major Update About The Final 6th Season

Lucifer season 5B is finally going to come in Netflix. But the knowing season 6 is going to be the last, fans are anxious to find out when they will have to say goodbye to their favorite TV show. Luckily, Lucifer star Lesley-Ann Brandt dropped a major update about the final season. And it suggests … Read more

Lesley-Ann Brandt opens up about Maze’s friendship with Lucifer and how it shows in the final season

Lucifer star Lesley-Ann Brandt talks about her characters friendship with Lucifer and how it shows in the final season. Over the past four and a half seasons of Lucifer, Lesley-Ann Brandt has played Mazikeen, a demon who accompanied Tom Ellis’s Lucifer out of Hell and has had to adjust to the world of the living. … Read more

Lucifer season 5 part 2: Is Maze eventually going to forgive Lucifer Morningstar?

The Netflix show, Lucifer season 5, part 2 is going to air soon in Netflix and views are eager to know what is going to happen next in the devilish drama. Will Maze forgive Lucifer? At the end of Lucifer season five, part one, God (played by Dennis Haysbert) made his long-awaited debut on Earth. … Read more

Lucifer star Lesley-Ann Brandt teased the completion of her final scene with Tom Ellis as Mazikeen and the Devil

Lucifer’s Lesley-Ann Brandt or more known as Mazikeen teased the fans with her her last scene With the Devil. Since 2016, Lucifer fans have been watching the titular Devil experience Earth as something close to a human being, but after six seasons, Lucifer will come to an end, and parts of its conclusion have already … Read more

Lucifer star Lesley-Ann Brandt shares an amazing photo from Lucifer’s finale [PHOTO]

Lucifer star Lesley-Ann Brandt shares an amazing photo in her social media profiles. Here’s what the description of the photo is – “@the_cornelius_porter is having his last day with us on Lucifer. F***ing traitor!!!! I will miss beating him up. 😩🥲 Love you corndawg” You can check it out below:

Lucifer star Lesley-Ann Brandt with an “emotional” message for the final season of the show

Lucifer big star Lesley-Ann Brandt, more know as Maze has marked an “emotional” day on the set of the last season of the show. The series is currently filming its sixth and final season ahead of its release on Netflix, and Brandt – who plays demon Mazikeen – has confirmed that she recently took part … Read more

Lucifer’s Lesley-Ann Brandt has shared some photos and videos about season 6

So the last time we checked in on how things were going over in Lucifer land, we were feeling a ton more optimistic about good news coming soon as Tom Ellis and Lesley-Ann Brandt started their work-out modes with Paolo Mascitti to get back into series shape again. Though there still isn’t any update on … Read more