Lucifer’s true identity is becoming an increasingly open secret, to such an extent that one character on the fantasy drama may already be aware that he is the Lord of Hell.

Season five finally arrived on Netflix last month, dropping a number of major bombshells on its characters, including LAPD Detective Dan Espinoza.

After harbouring a playful rivalry with Lucifer since season one, their fragile friendship was put to the ultimate test at in season five, when Detective Douche finally saw his colleague’s real face.

As a result, it appears that only two principal characters on Lucifer, Ella and Trixie, remain unaware of who they’re rubbing shoulders with – but some fans have speculated that might not be the case.

Trixie has shown signs throughout the past five seasons that she may be aware that Lucifer is the actual devil and star Kevin Alejandro is among those who think she’s ahead of the curve.

“I mean that’s… I think it’s a strong assessment,” he told Metro. “You know children are known to have sort of just this other sense before we’re weathered and chipped away by life.

“So, you know, I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t know a little bit more than the rest!”

As Lucifer approaches its final season, fans are expecting Trixie to play a major part in how the story wraps up and has one theory about the impact she could have.

If Decker’s daughter secretly knows Lucifer’s true identity, by extension she has likely figured out that Maze is from hell too, which could prove crucial in the episodes to come.

After all, Maze has spent the last season yearning for soul, which would allow her to make a spiritual connection with the humans she surrounds herself with.

However, Maze has already forged a strong bond with Trixie, looking after her on numerous occasions and even revealing her real face when she took her trick-or-treating.

Despite Lucifer’s repeated claims that it’s impossible for a demon to have a soul, Maze’s kindness towards Trixie suggests she is rather close to developing one.

With God now walking the Earth, as revealed in the Lucifer ending of season five part one, Maze has a chance to appeal to the almighty himself about getting a soul – and if she wants a character witness, she need look no further than Trixie.

If Trixie is clued up on all matters celestial as Alejandro has suggested, she has the confidence, persuasiveness and likability to make a case for her best pal Maze being granted a soul.

As the daughter of a literal gift from God (AKA Chloe Decker), Trixie’s endorsement would carry some weight and her bond with a demon would be an eye-opener on how even those thought lost can change for the better.

It would be a joy to see Maze get such a happy ending, as fans have been heartbroken by her recent struggles, which began after she was abandoned by Eve at the end of season four.

Of course, Trixie isn’t the only mystery heading into part two of season five, and we have plenty more Lucifer questions that we need answered soon.