Lucifer season 6: Everything you need to know

Lucifer spoilers below.

The saga of Lucifer is almost as epic as the Biblical stories that inspire it. Fans feared the end was prematurely nigh on several occasions, but Netflix finally confirmed that the show would be given a proper send-off with a sixth and final season.

The news came via an official Twitter post, which was accompanied by the numbers “666” and the following caption:

“The devil made us do it. #Lucifer will return for a sixth and final season. Like, FINAL final.”

So, what’s in store for the Prince of Lies and his earthbound friends? Let’s dive in. After all, the devil’s in the detail…

Lucifer season 6 release date: When will it air?

There’s been no word yet, but we do know that filming was boxed off in March, which means we’re a step closer to watching the final chapter. Our money’s on late 2021 at the absolute earliest.

Lucifer season 6 cast: Who’s coming back?

Before season six was even confirmed, Tom Ellis’s continued involvement was a big talking point online. But eventually, all of the chatter died down when it was confirmed that he would indeed be back.

Showrunners Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich also returned for season six, and here’s a list of the rest of the major players involved:

• Lauren German as Chloe
• Lesley-Ann Brandt as Maze
• Rachael Harris as Linda Martin
• Aimee Garcia as Ella Lopez
• Scarlett Estevez as Trixie Espinoza
• DB Woodside as Amenadiel, among others.

There was a tragedy for Dan Espinoza in season five part b after Lucifer’s twin Michael ordered his murder, but Kevin Alejandro has said that despite his character’s demise, that episode will “definitely not [be] the last you’re going to see of Dan”.

“It could be through flashbacks, it could be through trying to decide what’s going on,” he told ET Online. “I was on set a little bit in season six, so he’s coming back… just not the way everyone thinks he’s coming back.

“I would describe season six as a genuine emerge to what we’ve created from the beginning. There are throwbacks and clues to other episodes that only you if you’ve followed our journey from the beginning you’ll pick up on.

“It was a genuine emerge, not only to what we created, but to, I think what you guys, what the fans, what our audience, expects.”

Alejandro also told Entertainment Weekly that the decision “did feel right. And it still feels right”.

He added: “Look, we’ve been given the opportunity to go out how we want to go out, keeping the respect for our audience and for the world that has already been created since the beginning.

“They’ve done a really elegant job of continuing to tell the story.”

We also know that Henderson is going to be popping up in the future, although we don’t know exactly when. And Alejandro also sat in the director’s chair for episode nine, ‘Goodbye, Lucifer’.

“I am SUPER EXCITED to announce our new director for 609… @kevinmalejandro! Team #SpoilerAlert together again!!!” wrote series writer Chris Rafferty.

Tweeting about the episode itself, Rafferty said: “After these six years, I’m deeply honoured to have written #Lucifer’s penultimate episode. And deeply satisfied THIS is the script I get to say goodbye to these characters with.

“To those panicking: You have NO idea what this title means. Don’t assume ANYTHING.

“Also… trust us.”

Lucifer season 6 plot: What will happen?

A LOT went down in part b of season five, so much so that you might need a little refresher, plus how it sets up season six. Luckily, we dive into all of that right here, so fill your boots.

We also have the season six episode list (via Lucifer Writers’ Room):

• Episode one: Nothing Ever Changes Around Here
• Episode two: Buckets of Baggage
• Episode three: Yabba Dabba Do Me
• Episode four: Pin The Tail on the Baddie
• Episode five: The Murder of Lucifer Morningstar
• Episode six: A Lot Dirtier Than That
• Episode seven: My Best Fiend
• Episode eight: Save The Devil, Save The World
• Episode nine: Goodbye, Lucifer
• Episode 10: Partners ‘Til The End

At first, Henderson and Modrovich almost turned down a sixth season. Speaking to EW, they explained that they had already plotted out the series finale:

“It was very, very similar to when we went from 10 episodes to 16,” Henderson said. “[We were] like, ‘No, this is perfect. If we do this, it’ll ruin everything! Then three days later, you’re like, ‘Wait, how could we not have done this?'”

Extra episodes gave them the opportunity to dive deeper into the show’s mythology than ever and “really explore how our characters end up where they ended up”. When asked if a seventh season could ever happen, Henderson and Modrovich explained why season six is definitely their “last story”.

“It’s the story we were always going to tell, but just written much larger and to me [now] so much more interestingly that it breaks my heart to think we weren’t [originally] going to do it this way,” Henderson said.

Modrovich added that “one giant story” will play out in season six “that just needed to be told” and that this addition is “what really stuck the landing for us”.

Since then, the pair also spoke to ET about their plans to incorporate real-world social issues in the final season. “When we got back to the (writers’) room, we started looking at the fact that we’re a cop show and in what ways have we contributed or not addressed the systemic issues of the police department,” said Modrovich, the episode’s writer.

“And we decided we wanted to speak to it. So we’re actually doing a story that speaks directly to it, and we’re super excited about it.”

The news that Netflix had signed off on a sixth season solved a significant season five narrative problem the showrunners were having, according to executive producer Mike Costa (via Assignment X).

“As Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich have said previously in interviews, and this really is true, we realised that we were kind of rushing the end of the show,” he said.

As they were writing it, both were concerned about the “very small” space that they’d been given to wrap it all up.

He added: “Ildy in particular…was almost relieved and thought, ‘Well, good, because I am cramming way too much into these four or five scenes. There is really stuff that should be explored better.'”

It’s good that the show is getting a proper send-off, as star Tom Ellis really won’t be back for any more episodes afterwards (via WeGotThisCovered).

“Six seasons of the show is a real achievement,” Ellis said. “It’s been a huge emotional journey and I don’t think I want to do any more. I know I don’t want to do anymore. Mainly because I wanna know that we’re ending and because I’ve had such a great time. I think it’s only fitting that we have a proper ending to the show.”

Lucifer season 6 trailer: When can I watch it?

Without any celestial gifts of our own, it’s impossible to conjure up a trailer for season six.


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Ivaylo Angelov born in Bulgaria, Varna graduated School Geo Milev is Tvserieswelove's Soaps Editor and oversees all of the section's news, features, spoilers and interviews.