Lucifer’s series finale affirmed the love between the Devil and mortal Chloe Decker for all eternity, but it came at a price and with tears.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Lucifer Season 6, now available to stream on Netflix.

Lucifer’s central theme has always been the Devil’s relationship with a particular mortal woman, Det. Chloe Decker. The two become acquainted in the first episode and spend the next six seasons solving crimes together and navigating their feelings for each other. With the show’s audience overwhelmingly invested in the “Deckerstar” romance, Lucifer’s finale needed to give it some kind of resolution. In that regard, it delivered, but with an edge of tragedy that may leave fans divided.

Season 6 begins with Deckerstar at the best they’ve ever been: fully committed to each other, holding no more secrets and agreed on beginning a new chapter of their lives when Lucifer ascends the throne of Heaven and Chloe takes the position of his advisor. It soon becomes clear, though, that both have their misgivings about this plan. Then it gets shoved to the background altogether when their time-traveling angelic daughter shows up to take her revenge on Lucifer for abandoning her.

Rory brings with her a bleak look at the future. Both Chloe and Lucifer are thrilled by the idea of having a child together, so neither can understand why he would have chosen to leave before she was born. Eventually, it’s revealed that Rory asked him to do it because she needed to grow up without him to build up the lifetime of anger that would allow her to self-actualize her ability to go back in time and confront him.

Fulfilling Rory’s request means splitting up the happy couple for a span of decades for Chloe and much longer for Lucifer, as he’ll be in Hell, where time runs slower. Even so, a temporary separation followed by eternity together wouldn’t sound so bad, except that these particular years they’ll miss are irreplaceable. Chloe has to raise Rory without a father, along with her older daughter Trixie, who also just recently lost her father. Lucifer won’t be able to see his daughter growing up or give his soulmate any support or companionship throughout her mortal life.

Worst of all, the plan must be kept secret from Rory. They already know that she’ll end up hating Lucifer and be unable to comprehend Chloe’s enduring love for him. It’s a tall order by anyone’s standards, but the respect he’s gained for his daughter’s personal agency allows Lucifer to give her his word. She wants to be who she is without a different past changing her.

There’s another dimension to the choice, though, that may be even more important. After Rory snaps in a fateful moment and comes close to killing a human, Lucifer talks her down by drawing on his own experience as a fallen angel, essentially saving her soul from damnation. When the family discusses it later, they realize that this is part of a pattern — Lucifer also helped Dan get into Heaven, and before that, Mr. Said Out Bitch himself, Lee Garner.

Everything clicks into place with Lucifer’s doubts about becoming God. Amenadiel has taken up the vacancy, but that left the former Devil uncertain of his own calling, and now he sees why. Hell no longer needs him as a keeper, but Lucifer is uniquely suited to become its healer. Meanwhile, Chloe has decided to return to the L.A.P.D., where she believes she can do the most good. The arrangement benefits everyone except for Lucifer and Chloe, but both have grown through their journey together and reached a place where they can choose to make a major personal sacrifice.

Many fans would prefer that the sacrifice didn’t have to happen — after all, the characters have suffered enough. The season could have been written without Rory, giving Lucifer his revelation through some other means. In that scenario, he would likely remain on Earth as Chloe’s husband and Trixie’s stepfather, taking logical steps to hide his immortality from other humans, and only move to Hell full-time after Chloe died and could join him there.

The series finale concludes with an epilogue scene in which the star-crossed lovers are reunited in the afterlife, Chloe taking her place as Lucifer’s partner rather than ascending to Heaven. It’s a moment made especially powerful by the pain that they’ve endured to get there, illuminating the rock-solid strength of their mutual devotion. A reunion without the exile preceding it could have been just as sweet, but it might have left some doubt about what happens in the millennia that follow. Here there’s none: both the Devil and his mortal lover found their eternal purpose, and happiness, with each other.

All six seasons of Lucifer’s quest to understand love are now streaming on Netflix.


By Ivaylo Angelov

Ivaylo Angelov born in Bulgaria, Varna graduated School Geo Milev is Tvserieswelove's Soaps Editor and oversees all of the section's news, features, spoilers and interviews.