Mazikeen, the demon who came to Earth with Lucifer, became obsessed with gaining a soul — but Season 5B showed she had the wrong idea about it.

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Lucifer Season 5B, streaming now on Netflix.

Lucifer’s resident demon Mazikeen spent the first half of Season 5 struggling with a seemingly insurmountable problem: She wants a soul, but according to the mythology of the series, only humans and angels are born with one. No demon has ever had one, and before Maze, none has ever wanted one. But all that changes with one revelation in Season 5B.

Maze’s evolution since she was introduced in the premiere explains what sets her apart from the rest of her kind. Aggressive and violent, she often felt restless on Earth and wanted Lucifer to take her home to Hell, a request he repeatedly denied her due to his different feelings about the place. But after Maze formed attachments to some of the humans in her life, she began to see herself as the problem rather than her surroundings, blaming her sense of isolation on her lack of a soul.

A turning point came when Maze fell in love with Eve in Season 4. Eve reciprocated her feelings but left her anyway, adding to the abandonment issues that Maze already had from her mother Lilith, as well as Lucifer leaving for Hell without her and Chloe rejecting her advances. By the time Lucifer’s nemesis Michael showed up in Season 5, Maze was ready to make a deal with him and betray Lucifer in her quest to get a soul via a one-on-one meeting with God.

At first, God seemed disinclined to help, telling her, “You’re perfect just the way you are.” Maze is so infuriated by this remark that she decides to kill him while he’s temporarily vulnerable, but can’t bring herself to do it and ends up having a heart-to-heart with him instead. He speaks about learning and growing, and when she objects, he replies, “Can’t she?” While this isn’t outright confirmation that Maze now has a soul, it can hardly be interpreted any other way. Although she didn’t know it and neither did the audience, it now appears that as her conscience changed over the years, something else was happening within her all along.

This development isn’t just a big deal for Maze, but for the fabric of Lucifer’s universe. Previously, all demons were considered evil, chaotic creatures who never aged but stopped existing entirely if they were killed. If one of them can transcend that destiny, it stands to reason that any of them could, provided they had the motive. So far, Maze’s soul is unprecedented, but it’s not the show’s first “miracle.” Several characters, Maze included, have made the comparison to two other unprecedented events: the Devil falling in love, and an angel having a baby with a human

All of these miracles expand the show’s mythology and may point to greater upheaval to come, but the repercussions of Maze’s revelation could become especially important given the other recent changes to the status quo of the afterlife. Most notable among these are Lucifer becoming God and a damned soul finding his way out of Hell. Most of all, being aware that she has a soul is sure to complicate Maze’s future, but it’s still set her on the path she was always meant to walk.

Lucifer stars Tom Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar, Lauren German as Det. Chloe Decker, D.B. Woodside as Amenadiel, Rachael Harris as Dr. Linda Martin, Kevin Alejandro as Det. Dan Espinoza, Lesley-Ann Brandt as Mazikeen and Aimee Garcia as Ella Lopez. Season 5B is now on Netflix.


By Ivaylo Angelov

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