Lucifer Showrunner admits he lied fans about a character in Season 5B

Lucifer season 5 part 2 spoilers follow.

Season five of Lucifer has come to an end in spectacular fashion, and ahead of the Netflix series’ sixth and final season, co-showrunner Joe Henderson has admitted to lying about the season finale “in multiple interviews”.

Behaviour Lucifer himself could get behind, we’re sure.

Following the surprise return of Tricia Helfer’s character Charlotte Richards (AKA Mom) from her universe, both Henderson and Ildy Modrovich have revealed why they kept her comeback secret.

“So much of God’s story is his relationship to Lucifer, but it’s also his relationship to Mom – and by the way, I have lied in multiple interviews, saying she was not coming back,” Henderson explained in an interview with TVLine.

“[Saying] that ‘This is all God’s story,’ because I didn’t want anyone to know about this, so they could be surprised.”

Clarifying Mom’s arc, Henderson explained that so much of her story was to do with her frustration with God. “It felt important to us to speak to the fact that she was right to be frustrated,” he said.

“She was the hero of her own story in season two, and God realised that maybe he needed to spend some time in her world after she spent so much time in his.

“Allowing his wife to show him the things that he needs to learn felt like a really nice pay-off for season two, but also growth for God in this season. It was super important to us.”

It’s unlikely that Charlotte/Mom will make another re-appearance for Lucifer’s sixth season, with God deciding to retire with her in the universe she came from, so both Henderson and Modrovich are pleased they could make it work.

Not just for the character, but for actress Helfer, too. “She’s the greatest,” Henderson concluded, with Ildy agreeing: “We love her so much.”

Well, it’s a good job fans have got a new God to worship now.


Ivaylo Angelov
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