Lucifer star DB Woodside has responded to a fan theory

Lucifer star DB Woodside has responded to a fan theory surrounding the midseason cliffhanger ending in season 5, which still hasn’t been resolved on screen yet (soon, Lucifans, soon).

Season 5A, as it’s often called, ended with Lucifer about to tell Chloe Decker that he loves her when time freezes. There’s also a brawl between angelic siblings and the appearance of God, who isn’t best pleased to see his kids aren’t getting along.

While the obvious culprit for the time freezing would be Amenadiel, some fans believe that Lucifer himself unconsciously pressed pause on the world. You know, it’s the old ‘a boy is about to tell a girl he loves her but he freezes up’ moment, but on a much larger scale.

While it’s a cute idea and something that would provide a lot of drama to explore, it’s not the case. Woodside, who plays Amenadiel and is privy to these sorts of things, took to his Twitter page to sort things out.

“Hi. I’ll help you out,” he responded to a fan pointing out that his character has only been slowing time, rather than stopping it.

“It was Amenadiel. Now you’re ready for 5b.”

Well that’s one less thing for fans to ponder, which is good because the writers have been sharing a LOT about what to expect in seasons 5B and 6, especially with some very teasy episode titles.


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