It’s been over two years since Lucifer had its bittersweet ending after six seasons, and some people can’t help but wonder what would the Devil be up to now. The fantasy procedural had a rollercoaster of a run, as it was initially canceled by Fox after three seasons in 2018, and Tom Ellis was devastated. Luckily, Netflix swooped in and saved the series, having it go for an additional three seasons before officially ending it in 2021. Despite the rollercoaster of emotions through it all, Ellis admits he would be up for a return, but there’s a catch.

After Netflix picked up the series, the streaming service initially renewed it for a fifth and final season after Season 4 dropped. However, it was later renewed for another season, which turned out to be the true end, so Lucifer was able to complete its story. Even despite that, Ellis tells Michael Rosenbaum on his Inside of You podcast that if Lucifer were to come back, it would have to be a movie, and not just any movie:

I certainly feel like, on the TV front, like I said before, we’ve covered all bases. I think that the only thing that would make me go back would be if it were a movie, and it would have to be good. It’s not just doing it for the sake of doing it. We’d have to sign off on what the script was and all those things.

It would be incredible if Lucifer scored a movie, specifically something like a reunion movie, to catch fans up on where the characters are now and maybe solve one last case, whether human or supernatural. It does make sense, though, that the script would have to be good enough to warrant Ellis and his co-stars returning.

Since the Netflix series did basically wrap everything up, you can’t just undo its events or continue the story without a good reason. The fact that Tom Ellis would be on board to return as Lucifer Morningstar does say a lot. So maybe that could happen in the future. However, the actor does think that it’s better to leave things as is:

I feel like one of the weird things – certainly about working [in the United States] – is there’s so much… When you’re in something that’s successful, people just want more, more, more, more, more. Whereas, where I’m from, ‘leave them wanting more’ is the motto.

While “Leave them wanting more” does make sense, especially since it has been over two years since Lucifer ended, you can’t help but wonder about the characters. Of course, the story itself would need to be the big selling point. For now, it seems like Ellis is content with where and how Lucifer ended. Maybe the series could get some type of reunion in the future, or perhaps even a movie. It would have to be at the right time and involve the right story and people, not to mention the fact that fans would have to be interested. Considering how fans acted when Lucifer wrapped filming, it wouldn’t be surprising if they were wanting more, but you never know what could happen.

Even though Lucifer may not be coming back any time soon, there is always the hope that a miracle could happen later down the line. At the very least, as long as fans are signed up for a Netflix subscription, they will be able to watch all six seasons as many times as they want, which is a lot better than nothing.


By Damyan Ivanov

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