Tom Ellis is rebuilding his devilish physique ahead of Lucifer’s sixth season.
Showing fans that he’s back at work with his personal trainer on his Instagram, the Lucifer Morningstar actor could be seen posing in what we assume is his home gym.
These hefty pecks could take someone’s eye out…
Meanwhile, back in September, Ellis revealed his career plans once Lucifer draws to a close with season 6.
Admitting he’s looking to surprise fans, he explained: “I am going to find myself in that similar territory in that people are going to expect one thing from me now.
“And I would like to surprise them and do something completely different. That’s always been my thought process.”
Considering his screen credits also include EastEnders, Miranda and Family Guy, we’re putting nothing past him.
Ellis also once admitted that he wasn’t even aware his character began life in comic book form.
To be fair to him, Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth and Mike Dringenberg’s incarnation is a very different type of hellraiser, so we’ll forgive and forget.