Mayim Bialik has spoken out in defence of new sitcom Call Me Kat after it was panned by critics for being ‘outdated’.

The new Fox show, which was produced by Mayim’s Big Bang Theory co-star Jim Parsons, is a remake of UK sitcom Miranda, and tells the story of a woman in her late 30s launching her own shop despite her mother wanting her to settle down and get married. However, the first episode received a mixed reaction from viewers, who didn’t like that Mayim’s character Kat breaking the fourth wall and talking with audiences in between the slapstick scenes.

Mayim, who has had a lifelong career in successful sitcoms like Blossom and Big Bang Theory, used her YouTube channel to vent her feelings about suddenly having a show that wasn’t an immediate success.

‘The things that some critics didn’t like on our show, which is totally fine, are things that we specifically lifted from the original Miranda because that’s how we paid tribute to the show that we were based on,’ she said.

‘Breaking the fourth wall is something that miranda did and we sort’ve, our creator and our showrunner Darlene Hunt she and I both feel like the camera is another friend for Kat.

‘It’s a way that she expresses herself, what’s really going on in her head, and as a woman who is 39 and not coupled, she is alone a lot.

‘That doesn’t mean that she’s lonely, but sometimes it means that she’s lonely, and when you’re alone alot, you do, you have a vivid imagination and you tend to get creative about the way she sees the world.

‘One of the ways that Kat sees the world is including this other entity in her world. That’s what breaking the fourth wall is in our show.’

She then urged viewers to give the show some time to find its feet, reminding them it’s difficult to establish so much in the short, 25 minute runtime each episode is given.

‘Critics say a lot of things, but mostly what I’ve learned is people laughed, and it’s been a heck of a year and our show has a lot of heart and I hope people will give us a chance to show what we can do,’ she added.

‘We have a wonderful supporting cast and I really do want people to keep watching so that they can see everybody really get to shine in their own way.’

The passion project, also starring Cheyenne Jackson as Kat’s love interest, and Leslie Jordan as a gossipy pal, clearly means a lot for Mayim as she returns in a leading role.

While the first episode definitely appeared divisive, the second episode fared much better, with viewers getting into the swing of this unique form of storytelling.

The series will run for 11 episodes, with a second season yet to be confirmed.