The actor Misha Collins desperate from boredness is sharing with us his telephone number.

* “Supernatural” star Jensen Ackles turned in to a hairdresser! (Photo)
* ‘Supernatural’ star Misha Collins started a new trend! (Photo)

In the next Video we can clearly see, that Misha is not wasting his time during the quarantine period. He is helping his little girl by letting her make him a beautiful hairstyle. Despite of the interesting time he has, he also needs little attention from people who are not related with the elementary school.

So if you have interest to kill little time with Misha, you can connect with him under this NUMBER: (323) 405-9939

The description of the Video is: “Homeschooling might undo me. I need to talk to someone who is NOT in elementary school.
Text me if you’re as bored as I am. I need someone to chat with. (323) 405-9939”

The Video is Below:


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