Money Heist spin-off Berlin has an incredibly chaotic ending that the original series would be proud of.

Pedro Alonso returns to play the enigmatic mastermind behind a plot to steal jewels worth €44 million from a luxury auction house without ever being detected.

Of course, just like the series that spawned it, the heist itself is only one part of the story, with much attention also being paid to the personal relationships between the crew members – which span from lifelong friendships to passionate romance.

It won’t take long for you to become invested in this new cohort of characters, which leads us to the big question: do they all make it out alive or will we be nursing some heartbreak this New Year’s Eve?

Read on for your full recap of the Money Heist: Berlin ending – full spoilers follow!

Money Heist: Berlin ending explained – does everyone escape?
The penultimate episode of Money Heist: Berlin leaves our characters in a perilous position as catastrophic dominoes begin to fall at once.

Camile discovers Berlin’s true nature as she infiltrates his hotel suite, Roi and Cameron are surrounded by police in their camper van, while Keila is hospitalised and Bruce haphazardly keeps two cops hostage in their own car.

Surely, there’s no getting out of this?

Think again! A mix of contingency plans and (highly) improvisational tactics helps our crew turn the tables. While some of the finale’s events are a tad implausible, we’re willing to turn a blind eye as we’ve come to like these characters so much.

First of all, upon hearing word that Keila’s condition has stabilised (she was bitten by a venomous snake, naturally), Bruce is keen to retrieve her and get going.

One small problem: he’s currently holding two police officers hostage in their car, after they saw a round of ammunition slip out of Keila’s pocket as she was wheeled off to her hospital bed – effectively exposing the gang’s misdeeds.

After handcuffing the cops and putting them in the backseats, Bruce simply drives through the hospital building in search of his partner-in-crime, picking her up straight from the ward before making a swift exit. A+ service.

On his way out, he grabs some anaesthetic, which is later used to temporarily put the officers to sleep on a yacht as they make their own escape on a stolen speedboat.

After being tipped off by Damián that things were going south, Roi and Cameron rigged their camper van according to Plan Suricate (which is another name for a meerkat, FYI – unsure what the relevance is here).

That involves setting up two partially obscured cut-outs – one holding a gun, the other a megaphone – to give the impression that they are still inside the vehicle, when, actually, they’ve escaped through a hatch in the floor and into the sewers below.

The duo emerge in an industrial estate, with Roi eyeing a potential way out via one of the fruit trucks parked there. He cuts a large square of red tarp from one of the vehicles and uses it to hide himself and Cameron on the top of another.

This is a risky gambit, particularly when the cops conduct a thorough inspection of the transport, requiring Roi and Cameron to place enormous strain on their abdominal muscles as they flatten out to avoid detection.

They just about manage the feat, however, and the vehicle is cleared to leave. After sharing a heart-to-heart, which only strengthens their romantic feelings for one another, the two of them jump off after crossing the border into Spain.

Things aren’t going quite so well for Berlin, however, who remains trapped in the hotel with Damián as the authorities close in – led by returning characters Raquel Murillo and Alicia Sierra.

To facilitate their escape, Berlin calls Keila and demands that she knock out the hotel’s security cameras, which she somehow manages to do while aboard a speedboat gliding down a remote valley. Sure, OK.

Berlin and Damián manage to escape the property by the skin of their teeth, taking a ride down the laundry chute and then driving out in a van disguised as hotel staff.

Bruce and Keila enlist the help of some homeless men to pose as luxury retirement cruisers, allowing them to sail across the border without suspicion, while Berlin and Damián have to take a mountainous route as Paris goes into lockdown.

The group reunites at a secret estate in the Spanish countryside, with their jackpot intact – but the story doesn’t end there.

Berlin’s lover Camile is shaken by his deception, with another blow coming when she discovers that her long-term partner, François, has a secret family he had never told her about.

With enthusiastic encouragement from a friend, she sets about balancing the scales by plotting to blackmail Berlin into giving her 40 percent of the proceeds of the jewel heist.

Five months on from his escape, she tracks him down in Madrid at a café he once told her about and they share a passionate reunion where incriminating secrets are shared. Uh oh – Camile is wearing a wire.

Her plan hits a snag, however, when she secretly takes off the recording device for one last dalliance with Berlin, leaving a plaster with a telling wire mark in his bathroom bin.

It’s enough to put him ahead of the game once more. After revealing her ultimatum, Camile is shocked to discover that her tapes have been stolen and replaced by Berlin – and even more shocked by what comes next.

As compensation for her heartbreak, stress and suffering, Berlin agrees to give her the 40 per cent she demands, despite her no longer having leverage over him.

It’s a happy ending for Camile, last seen laughing with her friend as they drive home with an enormous bag of cash, while for Berlin, it’s a new beginning – having lost so much of his share, he now sets sights on another heist with Damián.

However, Raquel and Alicia – furious to have let them slip away – vow to be “ready” for the next time they strike.

Season 2, anyone? Here’s hoping Netflix gives it the green light (alas, there’s no confirmation yet).


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