Fan-favourite Spanish drama series La Casa De Papel aka Money Heist briefly disappeared from Netflix and its fans flipped out. Check out their reaction.

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La Casa De Papel aka Money Heist briefly disappeared from Netflix and the show instantly started trending on Twitter as fans freaked out. People flooded the social media to express their concern and confusion over not finding the fan-favourite show on the streaming platform. The series became one of the top trends as fans claimed that Netflix removed the show. While the show is back on the streaming platform, it is still not clear why the show briefly went missing.

“#MoneyHeist is disappeared from Netflix. May be professor heist the Netflix,” a fan tweeted. “If 2020 wasn’t bad enough already #MoneyHeist has gone off #Netflix for some reason. Bet I know who’s tried to do this!!” another fan quipped posting a picture of general director Arturo Román. “I was just about to start watching money heist and netflix deleted it.Zipper-mouth face. What is this behavior netflix?” another tweet read. “@netflix bring back #MoneyHeist? I’m not gonna watch it, I just want to have the option to,” another user tweeted.

A twitter user mentioned that last night, a couple of shows went missing from the streaming platform and claimed that it happened due to some technical issue. “#MoneyHeist not removed from Netflix. Last night around midnight a bug activated which somehow disabled most popular shows. Reloading the app resolved the problem. If you’re facing this, reload app,” the tweet read.

Some fans were late to the party and thought the series was trending because the creators dropped a new season. “After seeing #MoneyHeist trend, a second I thought, #MoneyHeist5 is about to be released,” a fan wrote. “I saw this #MoneyHeist trend, I thought there’s something related to new season but I guess it’s been removed from Netflix,” another tweeted.

Check out fans’ reaction: