Money Heist 4 premiered on Netflix over a month ago and is still one of the top trendings shows on OTT. The fourth season was an instant hit and now fans are looking forward to watching the fifth season of the popular Spanish crime series. Netflix is yet to confirm the date and other details about Money Heist 5 but La casa de Papel fans are already discussing various theories about the show and giving out spoilers to each other. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the fifth season of Money Heist is the most in-demand show at the moment and fans can’t stop discussing what’s next in store.

While there are many theories about The Professor departing from Money Heist in season 5, Alicia Sierra having a secret connection with Berlin’s wife Tatiana, Berlin, who was killed off in La Casa De Papel Season 2 being back, Tokyo being in jail and narrating the tale of La Casa de Papel to Nairobi’s son and more, fans are also speculating about Stockholm and Denver’s relationship. The pair met when Stockholm was still going by her given name, Mónica Gaztambide, and was one of the gang’s hostages at the Royal Mint. Stockholm and Denver lost their heart to each other during a heist and the former joined the gang in the second season.

She got her name from the phenomenon of Stockholm Syndrome after she fell in love with Denver and joined the gang of robbers and became a part of the heist. Stockholm and Denver’s relationship was going rock-solid in season 4 of Money Heist. However, fans are guessing if season 5 will bring bad news for the couple. Stockholm and Denver never had a normal relationship. Their first meaningful interaction was when Denver pleaded Mónica not to abort Arturo Román’s baby. It was when Denver was ordered to kill Mónica and instead, he shot her in the thigh to give the impression that she’d been killed, that established his love for her. Their romance flourished while Mónica was hidden in a bank vault inside the Royal Mint. When the gang finally escaped, Stockholm left with them.

Stockholm and Denver have been raising a son, Cincinnatti whose biological father is Arturo. Arturo Román returned in season 3 only to cause turmoil in Stockholm and Denver’s relationship. He was first brought in as an expert witness to offer advice on negotiating with the gang, and later making his way back into the Bank of Spain in a desperate attempt to earn more wealth and reunite with Stockholm.

The ill-willed Arturo also sexually assaulted Stockholm in a bathroom and later narrated the same to Denver in order to anger him. Denver beat up Arturo and as a result, Stockholm saw a violent version of Denver and stated that she didn’t want Cincinnatti to be raised by a father with so much rage inside him.

Subsequently, the two spent many episodes at a painful distance from each other while Denver suspected that Stockholm was developing feelings for Rio. Stockholm, Rio, and Denver did reconcile after a confrontation in an elevator and ended with the three of them hugging together. However, actress Esther Acebo who plays Lisbon in Money Heist has revealed that there is sad news in store when asked about the fifth season of the Spanish series. “I’m happy that I don’t have to come up with my own story because if I had to, I would not have come up with what the writers have given me,” she said and when asked about Stockholm and Denver’s love story, she revealed, ” She’s going to stick to the more traditional route and choose to come out alive and find Cincinnati.”

Cincinatti was left behind in Thailand as the group robbers decided to head back for another heist. While he was at risk of being orphaned, his biological father Arturo offered to take care of him to which Stockholm reluctantly agreed. This again becomes one of the reasons why Stockholm and Denver won’t be able to work it out in season 5.

The last installment saw Tokyo and Rio’s relationship coming to an end and fans are wondering if Stockholm and Denver will have the same fate.