Following the teasers, and official trailer release, a new set of character posters is out — and we have to say that things are picking up just right after a slow-paced marketing campaign from the much-anticipated Money Heist prequel series Berlin. The show is basically what House of the Dragon is to Game of Thrones. But instead of rogue Targaryens, it circles another rogue character from the original show whose alias is Berlin but would certainly take more pride in being referred to by his full name, Andrés de Fonollosa, played by none other than Pedro Alonso. While we’ve already seen the characters before — the new bean is that Damian is actually the brains behind the upcoming grand heist.

While Berlin is surely the heart of the heist and spearheads the whole thing — the heist intricacies will majorly come from Damian. Much like how Professor (Álvaro Morte) utilized Palermo’s (Martín Berrote) expertise in Money Heist — Berlin will utilize Damian’s (Tristán Ulloa). But that’s just the top two guys, what about others? Well, we have Roi and Cameron — we already saw the tension between those two in the trailer during the heist briefing. Looks-wise, they remind us a bit of Rio and Tokyo. Finally, there’s Keila and Bruce and those two also have some chemistry since Keila gave Bruce a peck on his shoulder in one of the teasers.

Now what do each of them bring to the table? It’s not yet clear. Apart from Berlin, who we know is a ruthless and morally flawed thief, and now Damian who is revealed to be the brains behind the heist, the details of other characters have been kept under wraps. However, a safe bet based on outfits is that Keila (Michelle Jenner) is probably the tech genius of the heist and Roi (Julio Peña) is a lock-picker.

‘Berlin’ Follows a Heist in the Biggest Auction House of Paris
Berlin will explore the title character’s former exploits and his crosshair right now is on the auction house titled “Chez Vienot, Maison des Encheres,” in Paris. Being the morally ambiguous character on the loose, Andres will get what he wants, even if he has to sleep with the auction house’s owner’s wife for it — as evident by the trailer.

Balancing the show’s narrative on the police front, we have Najwa Nimri reprising her role as Alicia Sierra and Itziar Ituño playing Raquel Murillo. Both the detectives — who evolve as enemies eventually when Raquel joins the side of resistance in Money Heist — will be playing their powerhouse roles side-by-side in Berlin.

Berlin will be available to stream on Netflix, all over the world, on December 29, 2023, — right before the new year. Check out the new posters featuring the cast of Berlin below:


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