In the Money Heist series (aka La Casa de Papel), as you’d expect from a Spanish show, there’s a whole lot of drama and passion.

At some point, almost every character is either frustrated or in love with someone else — thus everyone makes stupid moves and strays too far from the plan all the time.

This tendency pretty much moves the series forward and breathes so much energy into it, as it definitely wouldn’t have, if all went according to plan.

But speaking of plans, the Royal Mint of Spain heist did have an amazing and really thought-through one behind it.

Put together by the genius of Professor, it set all the tiny pieces in motion and incorporated multiple sub-plans for any occasion that could possibly happen.

Professor seemed to have everything under control, knowing exactly what to do when no one else did; he was always in touch with his crew to help and guide them — until he suddenly wasn’t.

Unfortunately for the crew, he fell for the same trap that made everyone else lose their senses — love.

But while it was kind of fine when it happened to other members of the team because Professor was always there to give them a hand, as soon as he fell for Inspector Raquel Murillo, everything started going south.

This is how we lost Moscow, and there’s pretty much no one else to blame for his death other than Professor.

Instead of sitting on the phone and monitoring the situation for his team as he was supposed to, Professor repeatedly left his position to meet the Inspector.

One of the times when he was away resulted in the death of one of the most adored characters of the entire show, good old Papa Moscow.

While he was gone, Tokyo needed additional help to remain safe outside of the Royal Mint — but she couldn’t contact Professor who was having fun elsewhere.

Being left in a dire situation, she did the one thing she could: rode back straight to the Royal Mint, unexpectedly for all the parties, including herself.

Moscow and Denver were the ones to rush to the doors and let her in; but in doing so, a gunfight with the police broke out, and Moscow was shot.

Some blame the police, some blame Tokyo who wasn’t supposed to leave the Mint in the first place… But in reality, there was only one person who never had the privilege of messing up, and he messed up, prioritizing personal affairs over his group.


By Damyan Ivanov

My name is Damyan Ivanov and i was born in 1998 in Varna, Bulgaria. Graduated high school in 2016 and since then i'm working on wordpress news websites.