“You see beyond the darkness into the light? You will. It is beautiful, pure… and I will meet you there.”

We are so close now to getting to the second half of the tenth season of The Walking Dead. This means questions answered, confrontations made, and the end of the line for Michonne, played brilliantly by Danai Gurira. I think it’s been awful to lose so many main characters of the series, and that has been one major aspect that has drawn many fans away, but I’m thinking that big-picture-wise, the inclusion of the new spin-off limited series, and the culmination of what is to come in the next two seasons will make it all worth it, as it all leads to where Rick is, and a much bigger story.

Check out the new clip below, of Carol, Daryl, Gabriel, and Lydia in the aftermath of Carol’s decision in the last episode, as well as the new teaser, giving us a look at a devastated Judith, an epic battle, and a Lucille-wielding Michonne. How do you think the beloved character is going to end up going out? The Walking Dead returns on Sunday, February 23.


Source: geektyrant.com

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