The journey of Outlander will culminate with the second part of the second season, aligning with the narrative from book nine in the series.

The timing of the final season opens the possibility of a cinematic venture to narrate the events of the upcoming 10th book.

When the show’s writers reconvene, the 10th instalment from author Diana Gabaldon will likely still be in the works.

Thus, the finale crafted by executive producers Matthew B. Roberts, Maril Davis, and their team will be tailored to their unique interpretation of the saga.

This could pave the way for an Outlander-themed movie to bring some closure, provided the entire cast and crew are on board.


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Outlander’s seventh season delved deeply into the events of Written in My Own Heart’s Blood.

Eventually, the latter half of the final season will narrate tales from Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone.

Diana’s ninth book doesn’t naturally tie up all the loose ends, but it’s feasible that the series’ scriptwriters might craft a fitting finale to sew up the overarching narratives.

But a film could also achieve this goal.

In an interview with Radio Times, Davis toyed with creating an Outlander film and is inclined towards the idea.

“Yeah, I’ve said that a million times,” she replied excitedly when the idea was posed to her.

Naturally, she isn’t the sole decision-maker in this venture, which complicates the situation.

Starz and Sony must be aligned with the vision of making an Outlander movie, and the involvement of essential figures like stars Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe from the series is paramount.

“That won’t be something we’d do immediately but in the future, if the writers were up for it, if Sony and Starz, if Caitríona and Sam, Sophie [Skelton] and Richard [Rankin] – if everyone was up for it and it felt like the right thing to do,” she added.

Davis concluded “I’d never say never”, but it looks like conditions would have to be just right for a feature film to surface.

Meanwhile, author Diana is diligently penning the 10th and final book in the Outlander saga.

With the show’s concluding season on hiatus due to industry disruptions, she aims to complete this instalment before the grand finale.

She intended for this book to align closely with the series’ end, although not perfectly in sync.

“At the moment I intend [book 10] to be the final one — to complete things and fall contiguously with the end of the TV series. They won’t be exactly synchronous, but close probably,” she shared.

Diana didn’t say anything about a movie, but she also didn’t rule one out.

Most recently, Maril opened up the secret to the chemistry between the two leads and opened up about an uncertain future for two fan-favourite characters.

She also shared an update about season eight as the final season is delayed by the Hollywood strikes.


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