Outlander was renewed for an eighth and final season in early 2023. Moreover, we’re still waiting for season 7 part 2 to drop. Where and when does this put the prequel series?

The Outlander prequel series, titled Blood of my Blood, was announced in early 2022 and finally started shooting in Scotland in February 2024, according to Outlander novels author Diana Gabaldon. It reportedly follows the parents of both Jamie and Claire, meaning the story will somehow be told across two very different eras: 18th-century Scotland and World War I-era England.

When is Outlander: Blood of my Blood premiering on Starz?
The 10-episode season (we don’t know if it’ll be a one-off) has just begun filming, so a 2024 release is automatically out of the question, especially when the remaining episodes of season 7 have yet to be released later this year.

Season 8 is also a huge question mark, and if season 7 part 2 doesn’t arrive until late 2024, an early 2025 release window seems unlikely. Since the plan is to wrap Outlander up before Blood of my Blood arrives, it surely won’t arrive until the second half of 2025 at the very earliest. It’ll all depend on how much of a gap Starz wants between the conclusion of the main series and the premiere of the prequel.

What will Outlander: Blood of my Blood be about?
As we mentioned before, the series’ core premise is to explore the lives of both Jamie and Claire’s parents in 18th-century Scotland and World War I-era England. The timelines allow a handful of the older characters from Outlander to make an appearance, but you really shouldn’t expect the same actors to return in those roles.

Unsurprisingly, further plot details are being kept under wraps, but we can’t help but wonder about how the parallel stories will be told and which historical events will directly affect each family’s story. Check back in the coming months for more details, as we’ll be updating the piece as they come.

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