Outlander star Caitriona Balfe has an Irish name with a lovely meaning. Many a celebrity has proudly kept their Irish name as their successes in Hollywood took off.

Caitriona Balfe is one of those people. Mostly known as the star of the time-traveling fantasy series Outlander, Balfe has also starred in the Oscar-nominated Belfast and more underrated projects.

Despite having a name that might initially confuse those who don’t understand the Irish language, Caitriona Balfe has never changed her name for the sake of Hollywood.

Why would she? It is quite a beautiful Irish name and has a seriously stunning meaning.

The Irish name Caitriona means ‘pure’. It is the Gaelic iteration of the Greek name Catherine.

Caitriona Balfe was born in Dublin, Ireland. Shortly after she was born, her family moved to Co Monaghan where she was mostly raised.

She has four siblings and is the second youngest of the bunch. Acting always seemed to be the way forward for Balfe.

She attended the Dublin Institute of Technology to study drama. However, her career actually began in modelling after she was spotted by a scout.

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She was collecting money for a charity at a shopping mall when a scout spotted her. At the age of 18 after working as a model in Dublin, she was offered the chance to work in Paris.

She would go onto appear in fashion shows for the likes of Chanel and Givenchy before veering into acting when living in New York. Most people now know Balfe as the star of the Starz series Outlander for which she has received huge praise.

Source: irishstar.com

By Damyan Ivanov

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