Eric Kripke is no stranger to collaborating with actors from his tenure as showrunner for Supernatural, and Jared Padalecki may be next. Recently, The Boys’ showrunner revealed that he and Padalecki have been in touch about a role in Season 5, and Kripke discussed what that was going to look like.

In anticipation of The Boys’ fourth season premiere this week, Kripke spoke to ScreenRant about the likelihood of bringing Padalecki on board for the show’s fitfh and final season. He revealed that they stay in touch regularly, and have been discussing the possibilities and ironing out details. “I have been texting with Jared,” Kripke explained. “I would love Jared to come in and do a guest spot on the show. Not just because it’s fun to bring Supernatural characters onto the show, but just because I love working with people I love and if I have an opportunity to bring family back and work with family, I’ll take it and I have a lot of actors from that show who have really become family.”

Kripke was a writer and producer for the long-running series Supernatural, which was hugely popular and gained a massive cult following. At the center of the show –and of the fandom– are Sam and Dean Winchester, the two demon-slaying, ghoul-shooting, wendigo-killing brothers. Padalecki played Sam, the younger brother, who reluctantly gets dragged into the “family business”. Dean Winchester was played by Jensen Ackles, who Kripke already brought into the fold by casting him as Soldier Boy in Season 3. Soldier Boy is The Boys’ answer to Captain America, except instead of being a shining example of American good will, Soldier Boy is a rage-fueled megalomaniac. He is also revealed to be the biological father of Homelander (something about an apple and a tree?). Jeffrey Dean Morgan has also been cast for a new role in Season 4.

Will Jared Padalecki Appear in The Boys?

The question, at this point, does not seem to be so much if Jared Padalecki appears in Season 5, as much as it is who the actor might play in The Boys’ fifth and final season. “We’re very, very early in Season 5, so I don’t have a character in mind quite yet,” admitted Kripke. “But I’m aiming towards it and I’m just keeping in rough touch with him so that hopefully our schedules do line up.” When it was suggested to have Padalecki’s character could be somehow linked to Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy so they could be together on screen again, Kripke added, “[Laughs] Yeah, I like that!”

Padalecki most recently starred in Walker on The CW, but sadly the series was recently canceled – along with Superman & Lois, Gotham Knights and the Supernatural-based The Winchesters. Walker ran for four seasons, and was a Western-style drama centered around Padalecki’s titular ranger, Cordel Walker. Padalecki has expressed his continued interest in joining Kripke one more time and making a cameo in The Boys.

Season 4 of The Boys premiered on June 13, with the first three episodes dropping right away and the rest of the season coming out weekly.

Source: ScreenRant

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