Outlander season 6 will return with Claire and Jamie Fraser, as the couple continue to settle in the New World – but what of Graham McTavish’s Buck MacKenzie?

Well, anything’s possible, according to Graham, who spoke exclusively to Digital Spy about an upcoming series with his Outlander co-star Sam Heughan, Men in Kilts: A Roadtrip with Sam and Graham.

Following Outlander’s emotional season five finale, we have a lot of questions about where things could go in future episodes, including whether Buck – the son of Dougal and Geillis Duncan – will show up to cause trouble.

While Graham doesn’t have any definitive answers for us, he pointed to his return to the series as proof that anything could happen, after previously playing Dougal in seasons one and two.

“Buck… I don’t know,” the actor told us about coming back for another run. “Well, I know he’s in the books – I think he’s in book seven and eight – but I don’t know…

“Well, listen, I’ll tell you one thing about this business is that the actors are the last to know!”

Recalling how his Outlander comeback as the younger MacKenzie came about, he revealed: “I remember when they rang me about doing it. When they rang me I thought, ‘Oh, they want me to come back to do a flashback as Dougal’.

“And then they said… ‘Oh, would you come back as your own son?’ I was like, ‘Wow’. I think it’s a genius idea, personally. It’s fantastic and I loved doing it, and the only sad thing was I didn’t do any stuff with Sam.”

There’s always time to change that, Graham. Especially in a show all about time travel.

Source: digitalspy.com

By Ivaylo Angelov

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