Outlander’s Richard Rankin actor will be starring in an upcoming BBC drama based on a best-selling novel series.

Rebus is due to land on BBC Scotland on Friday, May 17, with BBC One getting the show a day later on Saturday, May 18.

Consisting of six episodes, Rebus will air weekly but new episodes are going to be ready to watch immediately on BBC iPlayer.

The show is based on the hit Ian Rankin novels about Inspector John Rebus, but a reimagined version telling the tale of the crime solver as a young Detective Sergeant.

According to the description, Rebus will be “drawn into a violent criminal conflict that turns personal when his brother Michael gets involved”.

The titular character of John Rebus will be portrayed by none other than Outlander’s Roger Wakefield actor Richard Rankin.

Opening up on leading the show, he said: “I am thrilled that Rebus will premiere on the BBC. It’s been an honour taking on the role of Ian Rankin’s renowned John Rebus.

“A character enjoyed by so many in such a fresh and original adaptation.”

Rankin won’t be the only recognisable star to feature in the latest BBC crime series.

The 41-year-old will be joined by The Ipcress File’s Brian Ferguson who portrays his onscreen brother Michael.

Ten Percent star Lucie Shorthouse will also be behind Rebus’ partner Detective Constable Siobhan Clarke.

Some of the other major cast members include The Rig’s Neshla Caplan, The Bodyguard’s Stuart Bowman and The Nevers actress Amy Manson.

And going by the synopsis for Rebus, the crime drama should be a gripping watch.

The description reads: “Shaken after a violent encounter with gangster Ger Cafferty, Edinburgh detective John Rebus finds himself at a psychological crossroads.

“At odds with a job increasingly driven by corporate technocrats, involved in a toxic affair he knows he needs to end, and all but supplanted in his daughter’s life by his ex-wife’s wealthy new husband, Rebus begins to wonder if he still has a role to play – either as a family man or a police officer.

“In a time of divisive politics and national discord, Rebus’s ex-soldier brother Michael, who’s broke, desperately crosses the line in order to provide for his family, and Rebus starts to question if the law still has meaning, or if everyone is reverting to an older set of rules. And if so, why shouldn’t he do so too?”

Source: express.co.uk

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