Jenny Murray is to star in the upcoming episodes of Outlander but who will actress Laura Donnelly’s replacement be?

Jamie Fraser’s (played by Sam Heughan) older sister Jenny Murray (Laura Donnelly) hasn’t been seen in the Starz drama since the end of season three.

After the death of her husband and Jamie’s childhood friend Ian Murray (Steven Cree), she felt there was nothing left for her in Lallybroch and chose to accompany Jamie to America.

It has since been confirmed that Jenny is to return to Scotland in season seven, part two, although she is to look very different.

Actress Laura Donnelly won’t be reprising her role as Jamie’s sister with another familiar star joining the cast.

Who is replacing Laura Donnelly as Jenny Murray in Outlander?
Outlander’s Jenny Murray is going to be portrayed by actress Kristin Atherton for season seven, part two.

Atherton kickstarted her career in 2013 when she was Vix Spark in the BBC school drama Waterloo Road.

She then went on to feature in Rocket’s Island, K-Shop, Doctors, Shakespeare and Hathaway and The Show Must Go Online.

Atherton will be stepping into Donnelly’s shoes as the former Jenny star had other filming commitments.

After her time on Outlander came to an end, Donnelly went on to portray Hella in Britannia and Amalia True in The Nevers.

She also appeared in the movie Tolkien as well as the festive film The Heist Before Christmas last year.

As of yet though, no further projects have been listed on her IMDb page so it’s unclear what else she has currently got in the pipeline.

There is still some time go though before Atherton takes on the role of new Jenny in the romantic drama.

Outlander’s seventh outing made its big debut in June 2023 with half of the series coming out.

The wait for part two has been longer than expected, however, due to the Hollywood strikes last year, there has been a delay in the drama’s comeback.

But it has already been confirmed that Outlander is going to return sometime in November 2024.


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