Outlander’s Sam Heughan was a real-life hero during his stint as Batman by taking down a shoplifter.

Outlander’s Jamie Fraser isn’t the only one unafraid to take action as Sam Heughan stepped in to make a citizen’s arrest of a shoplifter.

The handsome Highlander never holds back when it comes to fighting villains and getting justice in the Starz period drama.

And even before he was cast as the unforgettable Scotsman, actor Heughan was seen as a heroic character as he starred as Batman in the touring production of Batman Live back in 2012.

But it was actually a moment away from the stage which proved he has what it takes as a leading man when a shoplifter tried to run away from the scene of the crime at a HMV shop.

Heughan, however, intervened and managed to catch up with the thief and make a citizen’s arrest reportedly for 15 minutes.

The 43-year-old posted at the time: “Browsing in HMV. Thief tries to steal DVDs.

“Bouncer stops him. Thief decides to fight bouncer. Then me.

“I threw him, then held him down. I left when cops arrived. Beat that status update.”

The moment was brought up again years later after Heughan had started his time on Outlander with his Claire Fraser co-star Caitriona Balfe.

Playing a game of “Who knows the other better?” with New York Magazine six years ago, Balfe was asked: “During his time as Batman, Sam became famous for performing what heroic real-life act?”

She then stated: “You performed a citizen’s arrest?”, which she received a big tick for.

Balfe continued: “Some guy was stealing something from HMV?”

Heughan and his co-star then giggled at the thought of it with him confirming: “Yeah I think it was.”

Outlander is currently in the middle of its seventh series on Starz, having returned for its latest season in early 2023.

Following the midseason finale, there had been no word on its return, with fans left wondering when it would make a comeback.

But yesterday, Thursday, March 21, a new trailer was released, confirming that Outlander season seven, part two, will begin sometime in November.

Source: express.co.uk

By Ivaylo Angelov

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