Outlander star Sam Heughan revealed the worst thing about filming the new season is the freezing night shoots in Scotland.

The actor, 42, who plays highland warrior Jamie Fraser in the Starz series, is currently on location in Scotland alongside filming for season seven of the hit show.

After a shortened sixth season, the cast and production crew are now working on a bumper season of the hit time-travel series – with 16 episodes, instead of the usual 12. Heughan told of lengthy night shoots in Scotland – at minus 12 degrees.

Speaking to El Pais, he said: “The worst thing about season seven is probably night shoots in Scotland during the winter.

“Some of our crew and cast are shooting right now, doing night shifts in Scotland. And it’s very cold. It’s -12 degrees.”

Heughan said Outlander’s longevity and success is largely down to the cast’s relationships.

He added: “We are a big family and we have been working together now for eight years – and it’s just made us so close.

“I don’t think you would be able to shoot this kind of show without having a very close relationship.”

Heughan also opened up recently about his family’s move to Edinburgh when he was a teenager – saying it was like a ‘like a whole new world for him’. In his new memoir Waypoints, he talks about what it was like to be uprooted from a quiet community to a bustling city.

In a chapter titled ‘The Wake-Up Call’, Heughan reveals his family moved to Edinburgh so his mother could enroll at Edinburgh College of Art.

He writes: “After years of living in a quiet community, my mother, my brother, and I packed our belongings for what felt like a whole new world.

“Swapping the stable and the castle ruins for a suburban street in Edinburgh, we set about settling in for this new chapter in our lives.

“It was a big change, but also hugely exciting for two young lads like Cirdan and me.

“I had just finished at my little primary school, so I started high school at the same time as all my new classmates.

“It was a little overwhelming to begin with, but since I could now see without the dreaded glasses, I soon started to make friends and feel comfortable in a crowd.”

Source: glasgowlive.co.uk

By Ivaylo Angelov

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