Wednesday star Emma Myers has revealed she had to undergo some special werewolf training for her role in the creepy, kooky, mysterious, spooky, and altogether ooky Netflix series.

The actress plays Nevermore Academy student Enid Sinclair in the hit show, regularly sharing scenes with Jenna Ortega’s titular character.

Giving fans an insight into the making of the coming-of-age supernatural series, Myers said she spent a lot of time crawling around “on all fours” to prepare for the part.

Chatting about her character’s werewolf transformation in the season finale, Myers detailed how she honed her performance skills to play the mythical creature.

“We did this werewolf boot camp one time because there’s episode six, where the parents come and the families comes, and I had four or five brothers, and they really had to get them into the werewolf spirit,” Myers said on Thursday (January 5) on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

“So, they asked me to come in and do, you know, werewolf boot camp, and I was like, ‘Okay, what does this mean?'”

The actress went on to detail some of the physical exercises she rehearsed with her Wednesday werewolf co-stars.

“I’ve never done so much parkour in my life,” she remarked. “It was me running on the floor on all fours, jumping over things.

“We had these stunt guys pretending to be sheep, and we would crawl around them in a circle. I think anybody who was walking past was like, ‘What is going on in there?!'”

When Wednesday first launched on streaming giant Netflix, fans were quick to binge-watch the Addams Family-inspired series.

As the show was left open-ended with the potential for more stories in the future, many viewers have been hoping for a second season. However, Netflix has yet to confirm the future of the show.

Wednesday is streaming on Netflix now.


By Ivaylo Angelov

Ivaylo Angelov born in Bulgaria, Varna graduated School Geo Milev is Tvserieswelove's Soaps Editor and oversees all of the section's news, features, spoilers and interviews.