Outlander fans were left on a complete cliffhanger on Friday night as Roger finally came face to face with the ‘Nuckelavee’ who has been watching Lallybroch for the last few episodes.

Fans quickly sussed out that it was Roger’s ancestor Buck MacKenzie who tried to kill him back in season five.

However, when we last saw Buck, he was played by Graham McTavish and in the latest episode, he was played by Diarmaid Murtagh.

But many fans were confused by the recast, asking why Graham hadn’t returned and took to social media to discuss.

One wrote: “Why do we have a new Buck on #Outlander?”

Another added: “Did I dream this or did Graham McTavish play Buck in the earlier series?”

While one penned: “question: is this Buck (the man of ms MacKanzie) a dual role played by Graham McTavish??? @grahammctavish.”

And one added: “In any case it’s not Graham MacTavish I thought I’d see him again this season or have I misunderstood something? How sad.”


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However, it seems that the real reason Graham McTavish wasn’t cast as Buck again is because his original character Dougal MacKenzie is set to make a comeback this season.

Despite being dead in the series, we reckon it may be some sort of flashback, as Geillis is also set to return.

Last year the official Outlander page put up a post about characters old and new that would be in the new season.

Returning faces are Nell Hudson, who plays Laoghaire Fraser, Graham McTavish, who plays Dougal MacKenzie, Steven Cree as Ian Murray, Layla Burns as Joan McKimmie and Lotte Verbeek as Geillis Duncan.

Many fans went on to suspect that season seven may include some flashbacks to the past as characters who had died earlier on in the show such as Geillis and Dougal were featured.

Fans were delighted: One wrote: ” WAIT GEILLIS AND DOUGAL?? OH MY GOSH.”

Another said: “Oooh I love seeing some returning faces and a warm welcome to the new ones!”

While another speculated: “so flashbacks i guess?”

And another wrote: ” I’m dying to know what happens now oh my goodness.”

Source: dailyrecord.co.uk

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