The Big Bang Theory gives us a lot of flashbacks to the characters’ childhoods and gives us all the backstories we need to understand them better.

We know that Leonard turned out the way he did because he was his mother’s regular unwilling patient for her psychological research and that she never gave him enough credit.

Or we know that Raj was a spoiled kid who grew up in a palace with a lot of servants and stuff. So when he tried to buy his way into a relationship, it really made sense.

What we also know is that there were a lot of people around Sheldon who didn’t exactly shape him, but helped him become the better version that he couldn’t have been without their support. The Big Bang Theory either let fans find out about them through Sheldon’s stories or introduced them in the show. There’s his mom, his precious Meemaw, even Professor Proton.

But it turns out that the parent show actually left out several important members of Sheldon’s life.

Mandy’s name was never mentioned in the show
Sheldon was not equally fond of all his family members. For example, until the end of the show, he resented his older brother Georgie. Although he sometimes talked about him. For example, he said that he was married twice. But that’s about it. He never even mentioned the names of those women. And that actually surprises the fans.

Yes, we may not know anything about this second wife, but we do know that in the next Young Sheldon season, Mandy and Georgie will definitely get married. And the fact that they already have a daughter may have been enough for Sheldon to consider Mandy worthy of mention as a family member. Especially since they were close to each other.

John Sturgis had a huge impact on Sheldon, but still was left out
Yes, Sheldon may have been a little genius, but he still needed mentoring. Over the course of The Big Bang Theory, he mentioned a few childhood influences.

He often referred to Professor Proton, a character on the show who created on-screen experiments for children. He even appeared on the show, and we remember how happy Sheldon was to meet him. But there was actually another professor who did a lot for Sheldon.

It was Sturgis who actually allowed Sheldon to attend his first college class while he still was a preteen. And after that they became real friends. But even despite his major role in Sheldon’s life and education, he was not once mentioned in The Big Bang Theory.

We never heard of Meemaw’s boyfriend from adult Sheldon
Meemaw was a recurring character in Young Sheldon and made several appearances on the original show. But even though she was not physically there all the time on The Big Bang Theory, we can say that she was probably the person Sheldon talked about the most. They really shared a strong bond that didn’t wane as Sheldon grew up.

So fans have found it strange that Sheldon never mentions a man who was like a grandfather to him. It’s Meemaw’s boyfriend Dale Ballard. This man wasn’t just another boyfriend, he was fully committed to the family and participated in the raising of each Cooper child.

In fact, Sheldon and Dale were quite close in Young Sheldon. So the idea that Sheldon forgot about him after moving to California just doesn’t make sense.

Oh, the downsides of making a prequel to an already established story, huh?


By Damyan Ivanov

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