The premiere of Riverdale last night left us with so many questions, but the biggest thing fans are wondering now that season five is finally underway is what can we expect when it comes to the future of our favorite Riverdale ‘ships? As we know, the first episode seemingly brought an end to Veronica and Archie and Veronica will be married following the time jump, but what about Bughead, will they survive the seven years? And is Barchie officially squashed? Luckily, KJ Apa has some answers.
In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, KJ revealed that he has been filming more and more scenes with Lili Reinhart, who plays Betty Cooper, this season.
“It’s really funny because I’ve been so used to shooting scenes with [Camila Mendes] and I’ve mainly been with Cami on set, so it’s funny when the roles start reversing,” KJ said. “And it’s just interesting because it’s like, ‘Oh, this what it’s like to work with Lili every day!’ You know? It’s a completely different vibe, it’s amazing and it’s fun because it’s different. It changes my day as a human being able to spend time with different people and two of my best friends. It’s great.”
So, why else would KJ be filming more with Lili if there wasn’t more Barchie storyline in the works? I mean, Veronica will be off the market following the time jump and KJ revealed Jughead may no longer be a potential suitor for Betty anymore either.
“And Jughead is a—I believe he is an author and a drunk and somewhat homeless after the time jump,” KJ revealed. “I’m exaggerating a little bit, but technically I’m right.”
Basically, it’s the perfect circumstances for Archie and Betty to finally get together.