Riverdale recap: Archie considers restarting Riverdale’s fire department

The CW’s Riverdale has been operating in an entirely new territory, with its significant time jump allowing for a lot of opportunities for new storytelling. After all of the shocking hookups, unexpected crossovers, and unbelievable plot twists that have been unveiled so far, fans are definitely curious to see exactly where things go next. If … Read more

Riverdale Makes Fun at Archie’s Infamous ‘Epic Highs and Lows’ Line

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 5, Episode 6 of Riverdale, “Back to School,” which aired Wednesday on The CW. The instant feedback loop of Internet-driven fandom has contributed to the media we consume becoming more and more self-referential and reflective. Television is no exception. Riverdale has, in the past, used couple ship names … Read more

Actor KJ Apa says he feels like he is in jail a lot of times while working on Riverdale

In a short interview with Demi Moore the Riverdale star, KJ Apa has shared details on his success from working on Riverdale. Find out why he’s excited to start other projects outside of playing Archie. There’s more to KJ Apa than his famous character Archie Andrews. For nearly six seasons, the 23-year-old actor has had … Read more

Riverdale star KJ Apa accidentally posted a Video that was meant for his close friends list

Riverdale big star KJ Apa or more known as Archie Andrews, posted mistakenly a clip of him relaxing in a bubble bath meant for his close friends list. Anyway, this is exactly what Riverdale actor KJ Apa did yesterday when he shared a video of himself relaxing in a bubble bath. “Hi, I’m KJ,” he … Read more

Riverdale has revealed first look at Archie Andrews’s time jump

See Archie in uniform in first look at Riverdale time jump. Next Wednesday (February 10), the CW drama will air the much-anticipated seven-year time jump, picking up with Archie and the rest of the gang after their college years. Now, a new teaser and a series of first-look images have given us an idea of … Read more

Riverdale star KJ Apa hinted a love relationship between Betty Cooper and Archie Andrews in Season 5

The premiere of Riverdale last night left us with so many questions, but the biggest thing fans are wondering now that season five is finally underway is what can we expect when it comes to the future of our favorite Riverdale ‘ships? As we know, the first episode seemingly brought an end to Veronica and … Read more