Emmy Rossum is used to holding her own, whether in real life or onscreen as the fierce star of Shameless, Fiona Gallagher. So when an online commenter tried to downplay her acting credentials, Rossum was quick to defend her career.

After the vice presidential debate on Wednesday, Rossum tweeted about her excitement to buy an “I’m speaking” t-shirt, inspired by a quote from Sen. Kamala Harris. A Twitter user responded to the Golden Globe nominee with disparaging remarks about her exposed TV scenes. Rossum was quick to clap back, saying, “I get paid to tell stories and life sometimes involves this awesome thing called sex. Maybe you’ve just never had any so you don’t know.”

In the past, the acclaimed actor has opened up about filming love scenes, telling E! News in a 2014 interview, “Being naked in character is very easy because it’s just playing pretend… In real life I’m much more prudish.” Though, it should be noted that romantic flings are the least wild plot points of the hit series that follows the misadventures of the dysfunctional, yet lovable Gallagher family.

Source: yahoo.com