The Big Bang Theory fans have rumbled another plot hole which would mean Sheldon Cooper should have died in season three.

Way back in the episode titled The Vengeance Formulation, Sheldon (played by Jim Parsons) and his sparring partner Barry Kripke (John Ross Bowie) took their feud up a notch.

Sheldon was booked in for a radio interview, which was incredibly exciting until Barry pumped the physicist’s office full of helium and he spent the entire interview sounding like Tweety Pie.

For anyone looking for some fun inspiration during these trying times, don’t try this at home: Sheldon would have been killed in reality.

Barry could have accidentally murdered Sheldon, whose lungs would have collapsed live on the radio.

‘Sheldon’s voice becomes squeaky when helium is pumped into his office,’ a fan explained on Reddit.

‘But if the room contained enough helium to make his voice squeaky just by breathing, Sheldon would actually be suffocating due to lack of oxygen, the lighter helium having displaced the heavier oxygen.’

‘You can do it with a balloon because you can breathe normal air between huffs,’ they continued. ‘But if you’re in a room full of helium, you won’t last long before passing out and asphyxiating.’

So there you have it. Sheldon could have been wiped out just as The Big Bang Theory gradually became the biggest sitcom on the planet.

Thankfully, he eventually got his own back in full swing by filling Barry’s office with foam, which is much more responsible.


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