Sheldon Cooper, a self-confessed germaphobe, faces numerous obstacles in The Big Bang Theory where he has to face his fear of germs. And it turns out he predicted that the coronavirus was coming 10 years ago and he was already prepared for it.

Of course, he was!

Covid-19 is currently sweeping the UK, with the death toll increasing by the day.

The government has also urged members of the public to self-isolate in order to prevent it from spreading further – and obviously Sheldon knew about it before as he has been in self-isolation since 2010.

If you cast your minds back to season four, episode two Sheldon attempts to figure out when he is going to die, which is when he comes up with a rather inventive idea.


Sheldon creates a robot version of himself in order to prolong his life and so that he can still interact with his friends, without actually having any human contact at all.

Genius right?

Sheldon, who is played by Jim Parsons originally tries to live a ‘healthier’ lifestyle by eating more vegetables and he even goes jogging with Penny (Kaley Cuoco), and you can guess how that turns out.

When both those avenues have negative consequences unexpected to him, Sheldon thinks he’s figured out a way to exist in his current life without taking the risks associated with everyday tasks.

During the episode, Sheldon still goes to work as he still annoys Leonard in the car by playing the recorder. He also visits Penny across the hall as he shouts: ‘Penny, Penny, Penny’ as he wants her to sing him, Soft Kitty.

And he still enjoys a takeaway with the gang without actually having to be there, So we have to admit it is a brilliant way to self-isolate and still get to do the things you enjoy…(Googles how to build a robot).


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