Supernatural has now officially returned to screens with season 15, and although fans are pleased to welcome back the Winchesters, they’re not entirely thrilled with the latest episode.

Airing earlier this week in the US, ‘Galaxy Brain’ saw Billie reveal that God had been busy extinguishing entire galaxies and gearing up to “clear the board”. The end is nigh, it seems – as it has been for Supernatural’s own spin-off series.

In a nod to Supernatural’s numerous failed attempts at launching companion shows, God (the artist formerly known as Chuck) delivered a monologue outlining his plans. “It’s time to clear the board,” he said.

“All the other worlds, alternate realities, the sub-plots, the failed spin-offs. It’s time to start cancelling shows.”

Fans immediately clocked the blatant “spin-offs” reference, believing God’s throwaway comments to be about the ill-fated 2010 web-series Ghostfacers, the ill-fated Bloodlines that launched in 2013, and yep, you guessed it, the ill-fated Wayward Sisters, which failed to make it past the pilot stage in 2017.

“Still too soon to talk about the ‘failed spin-offs’,” one fan wrote, while another shouted: “The shade at the failed spin-offs AND CANCELLING SHOWS.”

Clearly not over the loss of the beloved Wayward Sisters, another viewer tweeted: “‘The failed spin-offs’. OW. THAT ONE HURT CHUCK!”

Perhaps we’ll see some familiar faces from the spin-offs when Supernatural airs its long-awaited flashback episode instead. That would ice the burn, right?


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