Being a fan means one has to be well informed about all the different storylines, character developments, and aware about nearly everything that happens behind the scenes. Supernatural is lucky to have the most passionate fanbase on the planet. It’s only because of these fans that the show managed to last for 15 years. Even though SPN has ended, but the fans keep asking for more. It won’t be an improbable possibility that the show might return again in remote future with a different format because there’s still an audience base which is craving for the content.

So Take A Look At 5 Interesting Things That Supernatural Fans Are Not Aware Of


Okay, which character has the most SPN appearances? If your answer is Sam and Dean Winchester then you are partially right. Jensen and Jared Padalecki have appeared in every episode of the show, but the character of Dean Winchester has missed an episode. Jensen has been in all the episodes, but Dean has not. It doesn’t make much sense, eh? If you remember Season 13, Dean made a deal with the AU Michael to deal with Lucifer. The angel ended up taking over Dean. In the Season 14 first episode, there was no presence from Dean, it was AU Michael possessing Dean all the time. Even though Sam has also been possessed by Lucifer, Gadreel, Meg, and others, but there was always a presence of Sam’s character in the episode. So Dean has appeared in 326 episodes whereas Sam is present in all 327 episodes. Castiel is third on the list with 144, Crowley has 68 episodes under his belt, Jack has 37 whereas his dad Lucifer has 30 episodes. Rowena has 33 appearances and Mary has 36. Chuck, Jody Mills, and Arthur Ketch all have 19 appearances whereas demon Ruby appeared in 18 episodes, Kevin is in 17 episodes. Metatron, Billi, and Demon Meg all have 15 appearances. Amara and John Winchester appeared in 12 episodes.


Meg Masters is the name taken of the host by the unnamed demon. In Season 1, Nicki Aycox played the role of Meg. The SPN writers wanted Nicki to keep playing the character, but the role eventually went to Rachel who kept playing the character until Season 8, she was written off after the actress’ own request as her MS diagnosis made it hard for to work. The character of Crowley played by Mark Sheppard was written off after the actor felt that the creatives had no direction for him. Even though the writers planned to bring back the character, but the actor made it clear that he would never ever return back. Bobby Singer is another titular character whose demise surprised everyone. The demise of Bobby in Season 7 was written to tell the viewers that the show is going in a serious direction. Bobby’s passing created drama and an opportunity for the Winchesters’ characters to evolve. Interestingly, the character of Bela Talbot was written off because she was sort of stealing the spotlight from the boys which frustrated numerous fans.


Even though Supernatural has concluded after running long for 15 years. But the fans still have not given up the show. Many expect that the show will return in some capacity in the future. In 2021, it was announcement that a prequel titled ‘The Winchesters’ revolving around John and Mary Winchester is in the works. Even though there are certain inconsistencies and continuity issues which were pretty evident in the trailer of ‘The Winchesters’. Jensen Ackles will be appearing as Dean Winchester, narrating the tales of his mom and dad. But that’s not all. According to a recent interview, Jensen Ackles has expressed the idea of a SPN Revival. However, the actor shared the possibility that the revival series would air on HBO Max. It will be 10 episodes long and pretty serious in tone. It’s like Supernatural meeting ‘True Detective’. But it would be too early, we would have to wait for a while. Maybe a few years from now, we could get the darker Supernatural.


Some characters are now immortalized in the SPN Universe. But it’s interesting to know that some characters weren’t originally intended for the show. They were written at the last moment for a reason. The character of Charlie Bradbury who over the time became the younger sister of the boys was only written because of the absence of the actor Frank Devereaux who played Kevin McNally. Kevin played a computer expert who helped boys with the Leviathans, but when the actor couldn’t appear for further episodes, Charlie’s character was created. Interestingly, another significant character, Bobby Singer who served as the father figure to the boys was only created due to the absence of the Loretta Devina. Kripke revealed that Loretta was unable to reprise the role of Missouri Moseley so Bobby’s character was written to help the boys in Season 1 finale.


Many old fans will remember the character of Jesse Turner who first appeared in Season 5. SPN Season 5 is considered to be the best season, the main storyline in this season involved the apocalypse. Jesse was born as a result of his mom being possessed by a demon. His powers were anything the Winchesters ever seen. He turned Castiel into a toy. Had he taken the side of Lucifer, the angels would have lost the war. But the Winchesters changed the destiny by offering Jesse a chance. Jesse believed in the words of the Winchesters and trusted in his abilities to do good, and stay far away from angels and demons. There was no reason to bring Jesse back because he changed his destiny by not participating in the battle, living a good life which means staying far away.

When the Winchesters got a hold of Colt, they thought they won the war. They could use it to eliminate Lucifer. But when they took a shot at Lucifer, nothing happened. Lucifer revealed that there are five things in creation which Colt cannot kill. Now we cannot include God, Darkness, and Death under creation because they existed long before it. So what are the things which Colt cannot kill? They are ARCHANGELS, HORSEMEN (EXCLUDING DEATH), LEVIATHANS, KNIGHTS OF HELL, AND EVE.

JDM reprised his role of John Winchester in the 300th episode where he learned everything that has happened since his demise and what his sons have accomplished. However, at the end of the episode, John wakes up back in the year 2003, he tells Dean that had had a good dream. But is there a chance that John remembers it all? There’s a theory that John remembers it all. He knows how everything is going to play out and what part he has to play in it. If you think about it, it makes good sense as this is the reason why he’d trade his life for Dean, he would not break under the torture of Alastair as he knew what role Dean is going to play in the coming events.


By Ivaylo Angelov

Ivaylo Angelov born in Bulgaria, Varna graduated School Geo Milev is Tvserieswelove's Soaps Editor and oversees all of the section's news, features, spoilers and interviews.