Madonna continues to prove that she’s one of pop’s most important voices. The music icon performed two sold out shows in Barcelona’s Palau Sant Jordi. On her second evening, she invited her friend, Úrsula Corberó, to join her onstage as the two watched various models dance along to “Vogue” and handed them scores.

Both women discussed the moment on social media, with Madonna sharing a photo alongside Corberó, writing, “Tokyo forever!” The message is a reference to Corberó’s character in the series “Money Heist,” which was a global hit and was one of the reasons why the two first met and bonded. Corberó shared the image on her Instagram stories, adding another message. “What a night with the Queen!” she wrote in Spanish.

Corberó attended the concert alongside her partner, Chino Darin, and her friend Miranda Makaroff, who shared videos of their time in the concert. The two were recorded singing along to Madonna’s biggest hits and having a great time together. “It’s been incredible, thank you Madonna!” wrote Makaroff in her stories.

Madonna and Corberó’s friendship
Corberó has previously discussed her friendship with Madonna, which began when the two were aboard the same plane. She shared the story on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon,” where she shared that Madonna is a fan of her work.

“I was traveling back to Madrid and made a stopover in London. When I got on the plane, I went to the bathroom and when I got back to my seat, I saw Madonna,” said Corberó. “I saw when Madonna turned to me and made eye contact with me. And suddenly she walked towards me, maintaining eye contact. She came over to my seat and put one of her legs on my seat to tie her shoes and she said ‘Hey, hi.’” Corberó said she was incredibly shocked and couldn’t formulate a response. “Sorry, I just wanted to tell you that I am a huge fan of yours,” said Madonna. “I love Money Heist. Tokyo is my favorite character.”


By Damyan Ivanov

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