The strange mysteries around Hawkins, Indiana on Stranger Things aren’t being solved quite yet.

Netflix’s big masterpiece is currently gearing up to finish filming its 4th season, as some followers speculate that these episodes could actually serve as a surprise end to the entire show.

After all, showrunners The Duffer Brothers have always been pretty cagey about how they plan to finish the series. While the siblings still aren’t telling much about its endgame, they are at least revealing some big news about season 4.

“Season 4 won’t be the end,” Ross said to The Hollywood Reporter. “We know what the end is, and we know when it is. [The pandemic] has given us time to look ahead, figure out what is best for the show. Starting to fill that out gave us a better idea of how long we need to tell that story.”

Like many other TV dramas worldwide, production on the new episodes has been interrupted by the pandemic – but the Duffers have a hopeful outlook on finishing the season.

“Everyone’s excited to get back to work, but the priority is the safety of the cast and crew, and that will dictate when we go back,” Ross insisted.

Matt said: “We’ve had a lot more time to work on the scripts. For the first time, we have all the scripts written and we’re able to look at it as a whole piece and make adjustments.”

The series’ producers have recently been playing some hilarious pranks on followers, even promising season 4 spoilers if they can defy one of Twitter’s new features.