While the Winchesters are the titular characters, they have always remained the focus of the show. But throughout the show, we were introduced to various other characters, some ended up becoming friends of the Winchesters whereas some proved to be formidable enemies. While casting for the show, Jensen Ackles was approached for the character of Sam, but he gravitated towards the characters of Dean. Whereas Jared found himself drawn to the project because he has been a fan of horror and supernatural shows such as ‘X-Files’. Ever since we saw these actors portraying the characters on the screen, they became synonymous with that character. It’s impossible to imagine someone else playing these Supernatural characters. But you would be surprised to know the creators envisioned some characters keeping someone else in mind.

So Take A Look At Supernatural Characters Who Were Almost Played By A Different Actor


The character of John Winchester is pretty important to the storyline. It was him who raises Sam & Dean into the hunter’s lifestyle. He is devastated after losing his wife and vows to uncover the truth, he learns and trains himself with the knowledge of the Supernatural. He uncovers the truth about ghosts, demons, and other Supernatural creatures. Eric Kripke’s first choice to portray John Winchester was Bruce Campbell, the horror icon who is best known for the Evil-Dead movie series. But the actor couldn’t become a part of the project and Jeffrey Dean Morgan was called up for the role.

You would be surprised to know that Jeffrey Dean Morgan is only 12 years old than Jensen who played Dean. The actor first appeared in the pilot episode which starts with the demise of Mary Winchester and the show then jumps forward 22 years into the future where the boys have grown up. Jeffrey Dean Morgan was surprised when he was called again to reprise the role, he would appear in a few episodes in Season 1 before dying in Season 2 premiere episode. The actor would make one more appearance in Season 2 finale episode. Due to scheduling conflicts, JDM couldn’t return to the show, even though he wanted to appear in Season 5. He would eventually return to a special appearance in Season 14 episode ‘Lebanon’. The young version of the character has been played by Matt Cohen who appeared in the time travel episodes.


One of the most interesting Supernatural character is Baby. It is referred to the 1967 Chevrolet Impala which is the home of the Winchesters, they travel in the car all across the country. It played a significant role in numerous episodes where the Winchesters managed to fight the villains with the help of Baby. Even though it has been wrecked plenty of times on the show, but the brothers always managed to put it back together. The show has used numerous cars for the shooting.

The car was bought by John Winchester after Dean (who traveled in the past) influenced him to get the car. John would hand over the Impala to Dean. Eric Kripke originally planned to use ’65 Mustang to be the Winchesters car in which they would travel while hunting the Supernatural entities. But his neighbor who is an avid fan of cars persuaded him to use the 1967 Impala. His neighbor told him that Impala is a car which has a large trunk where you can easily place a body. The Impala is a rough-n-tough and intimidating car which fits better with the theme of the show.


The demon species has been pretty integral to the plot of Supernatural. For the majority of part, demons have served as the antagonists to the Winchesters, but there have been demons who have proven to be valuable allies. The first demon ally to the boys was the demon Ruby who appeared in season 3 and helps Sam and Dean in fighting off & defeating other creatures of the underworld.

Katie Cassidy was cast in the role of Ruby. However, she was replaced by Genevieve Cortese in Season 4 after Katie opted to leave the show due to lack of clarity about her character’s direction and was offered another opportunity on a different show. But you would be surprised to know Lauren Cohan auditioned for the role of Ruby. But the creators decided to cast her in the role of Bela, another female character who debuted in Season 3. The writers created two female leads in the form of Bela and Ruby in Season 3.


Jared Padelecki’s career highlight is the role of Sam Winchester. A role that changed his life, a role that introduced him to his wife, and resulted in forming a brotherhood with Jensen which shaped both their careers and lives. But you would be surprised to know there was a time when Jared Padalecki was almost rejected the role. This is because Jared who played Dean Forester, a main character in Season 2 & 3 of the Gilmore Girls. His character of Dean Forester made the Network feel he isn’t the right choice, but Jared’s agent pointed out that his client has been a National Scholarship candidate which earned the actor an audition for the role of Sam who portrays as a student of a Stanford in the Pilot before turning back to hunting. But did you know Jensen Ackles was originally offered the role of Dean, but he turned it down and chose to play Dean Winchester.

Interestingly, Jensen wasn’t the only one who with the possibility of playing Sam Winchester. The actor Gil McKinney also auditioned for the role of Sam, but didn’t get the part. He would eventually make his Supernatural debut in Season 8 when he was cast in the role of Henry Winchester.


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By Ivaylo Angelov

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