Lucifer, the devilishly delightful TV series, is not only about crime-solving and celestial drama but it’s also about the bonds the titular character, played by Tom Ellis, forms with the human and celestial characters around him that truly steal the spotlight. The show tackles Lucifer’s human sides, emotions, and interactions with other people in his life instead of exploring his demonic and evil nature like in other representations, which makes it more accessible and approachable for viewers.

Moreover, Lucifer also showcases some of the most unexpected and endearing friendships on television. While Lucifer Morningstar himself might be the charming centerpiece of the show, some viewers stay only for the friendship and genuine bonds that characters share over the show’s six seasons, as evident in some Reddit voting discussions.

Lucifer and Maze

PlasticWillow said in the comment when it comes to other iconic friendship on the show that does not make it to the voting round, “Lucifer/Maze. They have their issues but bonded for literally millennia.” Initially, Maze serves as Lucifer’s loyal demon sidekick, bound to his service. However, their relationship transcends the master-servant dynamic, growing into a genuine and deep connection. Despite their differences, their friendship thrives on mutual respect and a shared sense of isolation.

They learn from each other. Lucifer gains a deeper understanding of human emotions through Maze, while she discovers her own desires and identity beyond her demon origins. This growth is beautifully exemplified when Maze chooses to become a bounty hunter, embracing her newfound independence and humanity, with Lucifer’s encouragement and blessing. Lucifer and Maze’s friendship becomes a poignant reminder that even in the most unexpected places, genuine bonds can form, ultimately enriching both their lives.

Dan and Lucifer

With an exclamation, Elegant-Operation-16 nominated the duo, Dan and Lucifer. At first, Dan views Lucifer with suspicion and annoyance, understandably concerned about his influence on his ex-wife, Chloe Decker, and their daughter, Trixie. Lucifer’s devilish antics and unconventional methods grate on Dan’s nerves. However, as they work together on various cases, they develop a grudging regard for one another. A deeper understanding may be shown in instances like when they both expressed concern for Chloe’s welfare and when they would occasionally have heart-to-heart talks.

They even join forces when the situation demands it, setting aside their differences for the greater good. This transformation from foes to friends gives the show depth by serving as a gentle reminder to viewers that connections may happen in the most unlikely of places and that true friendship can span even the greatest personality gaps.

Amenadiel and Chloe

Aynshtaynn stated that “Amenadiel and Chloe’s friendship is criminally underrated.” At first, Amenadiel sees Chloe as an obstacle to Lucifer’s journey. His celestial duty to return Lucifer to Hell creates friction between them. Yet, as the series progresses, Amenadiel’s perspective changes as he begins to admire Chloe’s unwavering commitment to justice and her genuine goodness. Their shared respect for each other’s values and the common goal of protecting humanity forge a meaningful friendship.

Amenadiel even helps Chloe solve cases and offers guidance in her personal life and vice versa, showcasing their growing connection and the blurred lines between celestial and human bonds. The friendship between Amenadiel and Chloe develops into a demonstration of the value of empathy and comprehension in bridging the celestial and terrestrial realms, enhancing both of their lives in the process.

Maze and Chloe

Redditor klamika said she really liked the friendship between Chloe and Maze. At the beginning of the show, Maze is introduced as a fierce and enigmatic demon, often at odds with Chloe due to her loyalty to Lucifer. However, as the series unfolds, Maze experiences significant growth and transformation stemming from her admiration for Chloe’s unshakable dedication to justice. This admiration develops into a real friendship marked by vulnerable and trusting times.

Examples include Maze’s readiness to help Chloe with casework and defend her when peril is present. In exchange, Chloe learns to understand Maze as a complex being with her own difficulties and wants rather than just a demon, and be there whenever Maze needs her.

Lucifer and Ella

BenHRed commented “Lucifer/Ella.” Ella’s irrepressible optimism and unwavering belief in the inherent goodness of people stand in stark contrast to Lucifer’s cynicism and self-indulgent tendencies. Yet, rather than driving them apart, these differences bring them closer together. Lucifer often turns to Ella for her insight, not only in forensic matters but also for her moral guidance. He values her sincerity and purity of heart, which offers him a perspective he seldom encounters.

Ella, on the other hand, sees beyond Lucifer’s devilish persona and recognizes the complexities of his character. She accepts him for who he is, and their friendship deepens as they share personal moments and confide in each other.

Trixie and Lucifer

Even though this lovely pair didn’t make it to the voting round, they were still nominated by zip-deni64. At first, Lucifer is perplexed and somewhat uncomfortable around children, but Trixie’s innocence and curiosity gradually win him over. He starts to see her as more than just a child and, at times, even acts as a surrogate father figure. One touching instance is when Lucifer goes trick-or-treating with Trixie, demonstrating his willingness to forego his typical debonair demeanor in order to ensure her enjoyment.

In return, Trixie offers him a feeling of purity and simplicity that he frequently yearns for in the midst of his complicated, celestial realm because she is blissfully oblivious to Lucifer’s origins. Their interactions provide the show with a joyful dimension by highlighting the importance of youth and the potential for good in even the most improbable friendships.

Dan and Maze

Come last with 207 votes, Dan and Maze don’t stop being cool together. Dan, a principled detective, and Maze, a demon from Hell, initially have a rocky relationship due to their starkly contrasting natures. Despite these differences, their friendship gradually develops as they find common ground in their mutual care for Chloe. There are times when they work together and understand each other since they both want to keep Chloe safe and take care of her.

For instance, they work together to kill a man in order to seek revenge for the death of Chloe’s father, and Maze persistently brings up the reality in order to tease Dan. He also seeks Maze’s help in his investigations, acknowledging her unique skills and expertise while she will come to him when she encounters emotional struggles, making them each other’s confidant.

Linda and Lucifer

With 298 votes, Linda and Lucifer come fourth in the ranking by Redditors. Linda serves as Lucifer’s confidante and sounding board, offering him much-needed advice and emotional support. She’s one of the few characters who sees past his celestial persona, helping him navigate his struggles with identity and morality. Their friendship shines through moments where Linda listens to Lucifer’s celestial woes, offering insights that extend beyond the therapeutic realm.

Her ability to keep up with his celestial antics adds a lighthearted touch to their friendship, making her an essential anchor in his tumultuous world. Meanwhile, the Devil himself is extremely protective of his friend and values her opinions in all areas of his life, making her an essential person.

Maze and Linda

Come third with 496 votes, Maze and Linda often can bring out the best in each other and truly rely on one another, despite their differences in background and nature. When they first encountered, the two seemed to not have anything in common but the mutual friend, Lucifer. However, as the series progresses, they develop a genuine bond and become best friends.

Linda always provides emotional support and guidance to Maze when she is struggling with her identity and purpose as a demon. Maze, otherwise, is incredibly protective of Linda which shows clearly when, even though she is mad at Linda for hiding her relationship with Amenadiel, still fights through an army of mercenaries when she thinks Linda is in danger.

Dan and Amenadiel

Came in second with 772 votes, Dan and Amenadiel are definitely the bromance of the show. Amenadiel’s initial interactions with Dan are marked by celestial agendas, but over time, he begins to understand and empathize with Dan’s human struggles. When Dan goes through a challenging period in his life, including a crisis of faith and struggles with guilt, Amenadiel offers him guidance and reassurance. This support showcases Amenadiel’s evolving perspective on humanity and his willingness to be a source of strength for Dan.

In return, Dan comes to appreciate the complexity of Amenadiel’s situation, seeing beyond his celestial identity and acknowledging his genuine intentions. The friendship between Dan and Amenadiel serves as evidence that, despite cosmic difficulties, people may create deep bonds if they are willing to grow and learn from one another.

Maze and Trixie

Received the most votes with over 1000 votes, this duo has the best friendship according to Redditor. At the outset, Maze’s tough and enigmatic demeanor contrasts sharply with the innocence of Trixie. However, as the series progresses, Maze takes on a protective and nurturing role toward her little friend. She becomes Trixie’s confidante and guardian, offering support and teaching her invaluable life skills, such as self-defense.

The development of Maze’s character from a cruel demon to a loving friend to a young child demonstrates her capacity for growth and sincere connection. Trixie, on the other hand, is able to recognize the loyal and caring person underneath Maze’s rough demeanor, demonstrating her capacity to find the good in others, even those whom society may label as monsters



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